Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Keeping Animal Care and Control Personnel Safe

Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Keeping Animal Care and Control Personnel Safe
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2019-04-30
Unit 1Slide Deck: Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Keeping Animal Care and Control Personnel Safe
Unit 2Workbook: Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Keeping Animal Care and Control Personnel Safe
Unit 3Recording: Emotional Intelligence, The Key to Keeping Animal Care and Control Personnel Safe

Animal welfare personnel are some of those in the public sector whose roles are often questioned. It takes character to assert authority without stepping on others’ toes – a little something referred to as Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence deals with how we recognize, understand and manage our own and others’ emotions.

Today, Mike Brown and John Thompson joins the Justice Clearinghouse as instructors to discuss Emotional Intelligence for Animal Care and Control Personnel. Mike is currently the Director of Professional Development at the National Sheriffs’ Association. His prolific career started with the US Air Force Security Police before he shifted to training and education for law enforcement and corrections. Meanwhile, John is the Executive Director of the National Animal Care & Control Association. He’s also served as the Deputy Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer at the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA). One of his most important contributions in the field of animal care and control is getting FBI to include animal abuse crimes in NIBRS reports.

On this course, Mike and John discussed EI and concepts related to it. Points they covered in the webinar include:

  • The encounters and the risks that Animal Control and Care Officers face on the job.
  • The EQ, IQ and personality components of individuals and the characteristics of each.
  • What Emotional Intelligence and its four core abilities that must be managed in order.
    • Self-awareness as the ability to recognize one’s own emotion and how it influences thoughts and behavior.
    • Self-management as the application of self-awareness where impulse-driven feelings and actions are regulated by the individual.
    • Social awareness where the individual is able to comprehend other’s needs, concerns and emotions, understand group dynamics.
    • Relationship management where an individual adapts and adjusts to others allowing them to communicate clearly, maintain relationships, manage conflict effectively and influence others.
  • How emotions play an important role in our daily lives without even knowing it.
  • An activity that asks the audience to identify personal trigger words.
  • A list of pairs of traits that are differentiated by having high or low emotional intelligence.
  • The functions of the brain and the role of the amygdala in controlling emotions and survival.
  • Understanding the thinking and emotional mind and how these two work and influence behavior.
  • The phenomenon of emotional hijacking where the thinking mind is overpowered by the emotional mind.
  • The simple equation to remember the components of the usual emotional response that start with activating events, aggravated by beliefs and self-talk that results in consequences.
  • An updated equation of the emotional response where emotional intelligence is practiced.
  • A brief look into reading emotions through micro expressions.
  • The five steps to increase emotional intelligence and five universal truths to remember.
  • During the Q&A, John and Mike addressed questions raised about:
    • Specific triggers and dealing with it.
    • Correlation between EQ and job tenure.
    • Calming down and getting out of emotional hijack situations.
    • Different levels of EQ in different settings.
    • Creating a culture of emotional intelligence.


Resources Mentioned During Webinar

Audience Comments

  • “I have a better understanding of handling those who are angry – it’s not me, it’s the situation.” — Bonnie
  • “Five universal truths was very helpful.” –Dena
  • “Great Information, as ACO’s we need to look inside ourselves to understand how & why we react. I believe this topic is very informative & for our own safety and gives us more tools.” –Carrie
  • “The most valuable was rating the Emotional Awareness, Emotional Management, Social Emotional Awareness, and Relationship Management to find my EQ strengths. This is an excellent way to find strengths and enrichment and was extremely helpful!!” –Lynn
  • “Mr. Brown and Mr. Thompson presented very well, this information which befitted most was self-awareness being mindful of our reactions versus responses to others. great job!!” –Rebecca
  • “Webinar was great to put into perspective the emotional challenges Law enforcement and animal services communities struggle with. Great presentation!” –LeighAnne


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This webinar has been pre-approved by the Maine Animal Welfare Program for 1 Continuing Education Unit in Core Area 1 (ACO Safety) for the State of Maine’s ACO annual training. You can find more information about Certification, required annual training or submitting materials for credit at Maine’s Animal Control Officer Resource Page.





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