Elizabeth A. Dunn

Elizabeth A. Dunn, MPH, CPH is an Instructor at the University of South Florida (USF) College of Public Health where she has taught courses in global disaster management, humanitarian relief, and homeland security since joining the college in 2012. She serves as a Co-Lead for the FEMA Higher Education Special Interest Group for Service-Learning and Leadership, Tampa Bay Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Urban Area Working Group Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Sub-Committee Chair, and the Public Health Track Lead for the Annual National Homeland Security Conference.

Elizabeth Dunn’s experiences involve community-centered approaches to disaster preparedness and supporting local government response through academic-practice partnerships. She conducts needs assessments, utilizes information to provide consultation for program development and exercise development, and identifies innovative solutions to improve current practices. Her research interests include evaluating disaster management systems working primarily with vulnerable populations, community engagement, transdisciplinary collaboration, and examining how the built environment and social determinants impact at-risk neighborhoods, population movements, and resettlement (i.e., evacuation orders, IDPs/refugees, human trafficking).

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