Ed Michael

Ed Michael is a detective and digital forensics examiner with the Orlando, Florida Police Department.  He has been involved in digital forensics investigations and research for eight years, and is the course chair for the Advanced Mobile Device Forensics course offered for the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS).  He is often asked to mentor and consult on cases around the world, including the Boston Marathon bombing, political party hacking, and terrorism incidents in Europe.  Ed has taught all over the world, specializing in mobile device security and network forensics.  He develops and instructs on some of the most advanced, most relevant course material, ensuring it reflects the issues currently seen in mobile forensics, and equips examiners with the latest tools and techniques for extracting and processing mobile data.  

Ed holds multiple certifications from IACIS, SANS, CompTIA, and other organizations, and uses the knowledge and skills learned from those to share his experiences with students and customers.   He was nominated for a 2017 Forensic 4Cast award as Examiner of the Year, and has authored several papers in which he has shared the latest investigative techniques with others. 


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