Drive Success by Discovering Core Values at Every Career Stage

Drive Success by Discovering Core Values at Every Career Stage
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2024-04-09
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Leading a multi-generational team can be challenging. With different preferences, styles, and beliefs surrounding the workplace, it requires an understanding of each generation’s motivation to lead them effectively. This discussion provides strategies to identify and leverage the unique motivators and core values of different age groups to enhance team dynamics, improve communication, and drive organizational success in today’s diverse workplace.

This session’s instructor is Dr. Tamara Lyn who has decades of service in the corrections settings in both clinical and executive roles. She is the Founder of High Ready Coaching and Consulting with experience and insights into leadership, crisis management, and resilience.

Specifics of the webinar include:

  • The complex challenge of managing multi-generational teams with diverse perspectives and values.
  • How core values help in clarifying personal motivations and improve job satisfaction, as demonstrated by Tammy’s journey of realignment with her core roles.
  • The importance of understanding and aligning with one’s own core values, as well as those of others in creating meaningful changes in the workplace.
  • An activity to identify personal core values that aid in prioritizing life and career choices.
  • Identifying the different generations
    • How to distinguish each, and examples of famous people that fall into each.
    • Each generation’s characteristics as it manifest in parenting styles, exposure to world events and technology, and social and workplace beliefs and preferences.
    • How each generation brings unique values to the workforce and understanding these can facilitate a more effective and harmonious working environment.
    • How the varied life experiences and needs of each generation can impact workplace operations, as well as learning styles, responses to authority, and overall perspectives surrounding work.
    • How generations differ when it comes to comfort with diversity, schedule flexibility or routine, leadership access, autonomy, collaboration, career planning, loyalty, technological adeptness, and preferences for feedback and recognition.
  • The need for leaders to recognize and accommodate generation-based diversity.
  • How leaders can find common ground by…
    • Employing tools to understand team members’ core values.
    • Identify shared values and communicate these often to fortify them.
    • Cultivate a unified team through interactions and mentorship opportunities.
  • Leveraging unique motivation strategies for each generation that looks into their unique preferences, needs, and characteristics.
  • Applying a proactive and curious approach to understanding and aligning with team members to effectively lead across generations and improve workplace dynamics.

Questions raised by webinar participants are about:

  • How socio-economic factors and skipping generations between parents and children may affect individual characteristics.
  • Bridging generational gaps in workplaces.
  • An upcoming resource for Gen Z in the law enforcement setting.


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Audience Comments

  • “The information and ideas shared today will not only help me improve relationships with my team members, but also with my leadership, peers, customers, and other stakeholders. I plan to pay it forward and share some of these concepts. Thank you!”
  • “Very Helpful. Still thinking about many of these things. Please thank the presenter for sharing her time and knowledge.”
  • “Great presentation. It’s so important to collaborate and take into consideration the different viewpoints that you’re working with.”
  • “I appreciate the flow of the workshop. There were many opportunities for me to place myself in a group and identify how sociological events informed my growth.”
  • “While not new, it is important that supervisors be reminded of generational differences in approach to work, so to be more effective in motivation, approach, and awareness. This was a nice overview of those differences.”
  • “Thank you Dr. Tamara Lyn for an informative presentation. Core values are the denominator not only in our personal lives but exist in our work lives. Having a deeper understanding of your team’s individual core values and team’s generational differences will pave the way for a collaborative work environment.”



Women in Federal Law Enforcement (WIFLE) is an organization of individuals working together to foster awareness of the value that women bring to law enforcement. WIFLE’s goals include recruitment, retention, and promotion of women in federal law enforcement occupations, and the continued development of an information sharing and support network. WIFLE promotes collaborative leadership styles and the development of programs and policies that balance community service with enforcement of the laws. WIFLE also serves as an information and resource network for women in federal law enforcement, domestically and internationally. WIFLE is a leader in diversity, equity and inclusion in the federal law enforcement profession, a cornerstone to effectively serving communities across the country.


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