Don’t Wait Until Retirement to Live a Good Life

Don't Wait Until Retirement to Live a Good Life
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2023-10-24
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For those who are tired of day-to-day work and the stress, and in the case of law enforcement and public safety – the trauma, that comes with it, retirement seems like the answer to escape the monotony and gloom. This insightful discussion looks into various aspects of retirement planning and how to live a fulfilled and balanced life that paves the way to a purposeful retirement.

Back to lead the discussion is one of Justice Clearinghouse’s favorite instructors, Amy Morgan. Amy is the founder and CEO of Center of Training that offers mental health and wellness training to corporate groups and organizations. Amy also founded the Academy Hour. As a mental health professional, Amy’s expertise includes trauma, suicide, overall holistic health, healing, and restoration.

Points she raised during her presentation include:

  • How dreams and plans are postponed until retirement, causing dissatisfaction in one’s current life.
  • The value of taking a proactive approach to retirement which entails planning ahead of time and reflecting on one’s current status, goals, and individualized source of happiness.
  • How genuine happiness stems from internal contentment, not external factors.
  • The need for a smooth transition instead of an abrupt disruption when moving into retirement.
  • Purpose and Connection: How these two elements can determine how one’s retirement will turn out to be, and the importance of having multiple sources of purpose and connection outside of one’s career.
  • How career trauma can accumulate through time, and how healing must likewise occur gradually as you go and not expected to magically happen upon retirement.
  • The value of sleep in processing what happened in the course of the day and how sleep deprivation prevents processing these things, including trauma, correctly.
  • Beyond Career: Why one’s identity, connections, and purpose should not solely depend on the job which highlights why it’s crucial to diversify one’s sense of self and community.
  • Steps to prepare for retirement:
    • Adding positives by getting back to or picking up, reconnecting with friends or building new ones, volunteering, spending time with family, and practicing self-care.
    • Reducing negatives be it things, substances, or people.
  • How Amy navigated retirement – challenges she’s faced, lessons she’s learned, and how she re-assessed her options, reframed her passion and redefined what retirement meant to her.

Topics raised in the Q&A are about:

  • Resources and strategies to find purpose and plan for retirement.
  • More information about the Strategic Happiness Plan.
  • Building connections when moving away alone during retirement.
  • Dealing with being an empty nester.
  • Whether the appeal of travel diminishes after multiple trips.
  • Whether retiring and going back to work as a volunteer at the same agency is a good idea.
  • Feeling trapped in an unfulfilling career and staying just for retirement benefits.


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Audience Comments

  • “While retired, I truly appreciate the free webinar opportunities you provide so I can stay in touch with all that is going on in public safety..”. — Curtis
  • “How to begin transitioning to retirement. Actually, I learned that you do in fact need to transition period.” — Erikka
  • The webinar was very interesting, it gave me many ideas to consider prior to retirement — Frances
  • “I loved the idea behind the clutch and the gas pedals. It makes sense to me and this helped me to feel like I’m on the right track, just needing to continue to work and be intentional in what I do.” — Holly Jo
  • “As someone looking forward to retirement after 33 years as a NYC Probation Officer, Amy really helped me see that although I am not retirement age, it is just my time. I am so ready. Thank you.” — BRISBANE
  • “This was a wonderful presentation and the presenter showed a great deal of compassion in sharing this information.” — Vivian


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