Don McCrea

Don McCrea is a law enforcement veteran of over thirty-five years and served nine of those years as a Special Assistant Attorney General and top-rated academy instructor for the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation, Law Enforcement Training Section.

While in that position, Don specialized in scenario-based skills evaluations, development of basic and advanced law enforcement courses and curriculum, and the use of adult learning strategies. He is a subject matter expert in use of force and search & seizure.

For over twenty years, Don instructed defensive tactics, and he is currently a firearms instructor, MILO simulator use of force evaluator, and expert witness in search & seizure and use of force.

Don is an accomplished author of several law enforcement training books including Simplifying Search and Seizure for Law Enforcement, Simplifying Use of Force for Law Enforcement, and a Search and Seizure Pocket Guide.

He is a nationally and internationally certified instructor through the International Association of the Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST), and he holds a bachelor’s degree in the biological sciences and a master’s degree in criminal justice, graduating Summa Cum Laude.

In his current position, Don serves as an Academic Program Coordinator and Lead Instructor for a four-year university law enforcement program, and he still serves his community as a part-time Deputy Sheriff.

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