Domestic Violence: The Forgotten Frontier

Domestic Violence: The Forgotten Frontier
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2020-09-15
Unit 1Slide Deck: Domestic Violence: The Forgotten Frontier
Unit 2Recording: Domestic Violence: The Forgotten Frontier

This webinar will describe the desperate need to bridge critical gaps that currently exist in domestic violence research and literature. We’ll cover improving batterer intervention programs to better address mental health needs of this population, improving access to services for children residing in homes where domestic violence occurs, improving support for caregivers victimized by violence, improving understanding of emotional/psychological injury often present in these homes, and the need to extend domestic violence family services to include pets.


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Audience Comments

  • “It was so refreshing to attend a DV webinar given from this perspective. Thank you for challenging me to push my thinking out of the rut it has been in.” — Sara
  • “I really liked the study where they put the batterers in a hostel, allowing families/victims/pets to remain in the home. It is a neat concept that I intend to follow up on with more research.” — Aaron
  • “I was very interested in the idea of shelters for men so that women and children would not have to leave their homes, although I was curious how that would work to keep the men from just returning home. Very interesting presentation.” — Abigale
  • “The information is relevant, and useful. I truly appreciated the part on recidivism rates and DV – we definitely have to reconfigure how we approach this subject.” — Adriana
  • “Good presenter. Good information. We need more about this topic.” — Carolyn
  • “The depth of knowledge of he presenter was amazing. Thank you for another great webinar which was enlightening and informative.” — Carrie
  • “All of the information was helpful, but I appreciated the information on why batterer’s intervention programs are not successful, the information about the general perspective of churches, the information on the Beit Noam Treatment Center was so interesting and also the information on the invisible injuries to children. All of the information, whether or not it was new information, was presented well and was a good reminder. Overall, an excellent presentation and the hour went by too fast! Thank you!” — Connie
  • “I’ve heard Mr. Campbell speak before. He is always a wealth of information. Thank you!!” — Mary







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