Developing Communication and Emotional Intelligence Skills

Developing Communication and Emotional Intelligence Skills
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded April 6, 2017
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Unit 3Webinar Notes: Developing Communication and Emotional Intelligence Skills

The goal of a Field Training and Evaluation Program is the development of high performing, emotionally intelligent, adaptive critical thinkers who are able to respond to the demands of a changing non-linear environment. But many programs are using traditional FTO-centered linear training methodologies that create automatons with less than adequate decision making and communication skills. The program is designed to enhance your current FTO process by addressing the critical issues necessary to develop the current crop of probationary officers. The Adaptive FTO focuses on skills the trainee will use everyday: decision-making, critical thinking, social skills and emotional intelligence. A millennial proof feedback method that develops the trainee’s capacity for self-assessment will be discusses along with the concepts of training before evaluation and using failure as a tool to drive greater learning.

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