Decision Making and OODA Loop

Decision Making and OODA Loop
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2023-05-02
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While the focus is on tactics such as de-escalation, physical techniques, and new control weapons, little training is applied to the area of decision-making.  Criminal justice professionals work in an environment of uncertainty and complexity.  Complexity can undo the best strategy by failing to be aware of changes in the environment, be it person, place, or thing.

Join us as we look at two models to assist the criminal justice professional make better decisions. The first model is the OODA Loop developed by Col. John Boyd and used by many law enforcement trainers.  During the webinar, we will explain how to use the OODA Loop as a thinking model for better decision-making.  The second is the Cynefin Sensemaking Model. Developed by David Snowden, the Cynefin framework helps criminal justice professionals make sense of complex and chaotic events.  Joining OODA and Cynefin together makes a winning combination for better decision-making.


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Audience Comments

  • “Great presentation, thanks, Thom!” — Barbara
  • “It is always good to review mental concepts to gain insights and improve performance.” — Richard
  • “New information!! Love it.” — Lori
  • “Outstanding presentation by an outstanding presenter! Very well done, thank you!” — Mark
  • “This topic is timely and important.” — Trent


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