Dealing with High Risk Terminations

Dealing with High Risk Terminations
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2021-01-13
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Dealing with High Risk Terminations
Unit 2 Recording: Dealing with High Risk Terminations

Every workplace has had to deal with a termination but what are the risks, technically aren’t all terminations high risk? What defines a high-risk termination? What are some practices that should be employed with high-risk terminations to protect all employees? How do we determine risk and how to control risk factors to increase overall security during these emotional events? In this webinar, we will discuss terminations and various risk factors and some tips to assist the appropriate personnel in determining security measures that should be applied.


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Audience Comments

  • “I have dealt with high-risk terminations and never thought to look at social media platforms. It is definitely a new era.” — Marisa
  • “There were several less obvious risk indicators that were helpful, especially for establishing a legally defensible argument for pursing a high-risk strategy.” — Perry
  • “I took a lot of notes, I like the suggestions on how to handle employees who are high-risk during the actual termination/reduction meeting. I think this should be a course that Supervisors take.” — Matt
  • “Good information regarding assessments. Great presenter.” — Luis
  • “The webinar was relevant and well presented. Thank you.” — Jose
  • “The entire webinar was valuable. One thing I learned, which was something I had not considered previously, was determining the time of day when planning an involuntary termination. Taking into account how many staff members might be present during certain times of the day seems very important and something that needs to be considered going forward. Thank you Mark and Christina for this wonderful webinar.” — Joshua
  • “Everything was extremely helpful. Opened up an area for consideration that has never been addressed, although it has happened. Thank you so much, Mr. Warren!” — Kelley
  • “The most valuable thing I learned from this webinar is if you can offer immediate outplacement services for the terminated employee. I enjoyed this point because it shows the terminated employee they are valued and can provide assistance if possible.” — Erika
  • “Lots of really great material covered in the webinar-I liked the question and answer about getting administrative staff on board with education. It was really a great webinar. Thank you!” — Denise
  • “I had never thought about the concept of dealing with High-Risk Terminations and this was an eye-opener.”  — Annah



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