Dave Pauli

Dave Pauli started his animal career in 1979 by opening a wildlife rescue business in Madison, Wisconsin called Humane Animal Controls, Inc.    Since that time he also served as a Superintendent of Animal Control (Billings Animal Shelter), Director of bi-county Humane Society in Eastern Washington (Tri-Cities) and for the past 29 years as a field responder/director for The Humane Society of The United States.

Dave has responded to domestic animal/exotic/wild animal projects in all 50 states and two dozen countries. Dave currently responds to natural disasters, major cruelty and hoarding cases, and participates in Chemical immobilization, and immunocontraception projects for deer and horses. He also participates in volume capture projects for prairie dogs, feral dogs and cats, and many other species. He also supports and advises all HSUS Wildlife, Animal Rescue Team, Humane Society International and the Wildlife Land Trust teams with field projects or programs.  He is an HSUS point person on Wild Pigs, Prairie Dogs, Turtles and Tortoises, Florida Gopher Tortoises, Trapping Issues and Wildlife Contraception. Dave serves on the boards of six NGO’s and serves on the USDA Wild Pig Task Force and Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks Species Classification and Trapping Advisory committees.

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