Dangerous Dog Cases, Tips on Investigations and Prosecution

Dangerous Dog Cases, Tips on Investigations and Prosecution
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2020-04-14
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Dangerous Dog Cases, Tips on Investigations and Prosecution
Unit 2 Workbook: Dangerous Dog Cases, Tips on Investigations and Prosecution
Unit 3 Recording: Dangerous Dog Cases, Tips on Investigations and Prosecution

Dangerous dog cases can be tricky to handle. Lack of awareness on statutes, investigation, and prosecution too often leaves victims without any recourse on the injury and damage inflicted on them. It’s also been observed that the current COVID-19 world is aggravating the cases of dog bites and dangerous dogs due to different factors.

This course’s resource speaker is Claudine Wilkins. Claudine’s passion and mission to build the bond between animals and humans led her to establish the Animal Law Source and the Animal Law, Enforcement, Veterinary and Shelter Symposium.

Specifics tackled on this webinar are:

  • The seven COVID-19-related factors that caused the increase in dog bite incidents.
  • An overview of facts and figures that exhibit the prevalence and severity of dog bites and dangerous dog incidents.
  • A visual guide on how quickly a dog bite occurs, warning signs that dogs give before biting, and how difficult it is to pull a dog off a bite victim.
  • A look into the circumstances surrounding dog bite incidents – the dangerous dogs, the victims, and fatalities.
  • The significance of awareness with and uniform application of the law to ensure that all victims are given the appropriate legal remedy.
  • Inter-agency collaboration: The importance of involved parties working together for a case to be investigated and prosecuted correctly.
  • Demanding liability and accountability from reckless dog owners particularly repeat offenders based on ownership laws.
  • The importance of taking predatory dog attacks seriously.
  • The critical role dispatch plays in ensuring first responders are given accurate and complete information and precautions about calls for service in dog bite and dangerous dog incidents.
  • Why EMS, medical staff and other first responders must be educated on securing and preserving the scene and evidence handling and collection.
  • How thorough investigation and evidence collection can make or break a case.
    • A rundown of details to consider and pay attention to during investigations.
    • Pointers on specific items to utilize for investigation and sources of evidence.
    • The people to talk to and the type of information that will be useful during investigations.
  • Extending assistance to victims by obtaining the things they need to get restitution for injuries and other damages.
  • Georgia’s law when it comes to vicious dogs and valid defenses to injuring or killing a dog.
  • The concept of hedonic pleasures to prove a point on the changes that occurred in a person’s life as a result of a dangerous dog incident.
  • Guidelines on full disclosure when it comes to ownership or adoption of a dangerous dog.
  • The different potential charges to consider in dog bite and dangerous dog cases.

Audience questions concerned:

  • The more likely victims during quarantine time.
  • Instances when dogs are being surrendered to shelters due to lack of education about COVID-19.
  • The increased fostering and adopting of pets amidst the quarantine.
  • The lack of education that results in a lack of action on when it comes to dog bite incidents.
  • How ACOs can work directly with prosecutors on these dangerous dog cases if law enforcement refuses to be involved.
  • The type of insurance that will be used to cover dog bite incidents.


Audience Comments

  • “The importance of training for other units such as dispatch, EMS and hospital staff, specifically safety for responders and evidence gathering.” — Megan
  • “Great webinar, my first. As a new ACO it’s great to get some insight into the connection between the law and its use in specific scenarios. Getting tips on how to handle the law side of things and how specifics can make or break a case for the victim was very helpful. Looking forward to more!” — Victoria
  • “Outstanding! It was fascinating.” — William
  • “Clear and concise information. Thanks for a great presentation during these uncertain times.” — Trevor
  • “Very good information and it was presented well. Thank you for sharing.”– Scott
  • “I enjoyed the format and am interested in knowing all I can about this topic because it enables us to keep our communities and animals that much safer. Thank you!” — Kate
  • “I really enjoyed the information on the levels of dog bites and how it can be helpful in court.” — Kelsi
  • “Fantastic topic. It was great to hear that other areas are suffering from an increase in dog bites. We have seen so many in the past 30 days.” — Katherine



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