Creating Powerful, Positive Sustainable Change

Creating Powerful, Positive Sustainable Change
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2021-10-19
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Change is always easier said than done. And more often than not, when change is implemented, it isn’t always done in an approach that makes the most sense for all of those involved. This webinar aims to provide guidance on how to create powerful, sustainable, and effective change that emanates from the people who are most impacted by the change itself.

Leading the session is Michael Levin, President and CEO of Custom Solutions. He is a three-time #1 International bestselling author of the books Let Them See You Sweat, Sitting on the Same Side of the Table:  The Art of Collaborative Selling, and The Road to Success. He’s also appeared in TV and radio shows around the country sharing his expertise.

Specifics of the discussion are on:

  • The human tendency to look at things a certain way which makes it difficult to create necessary change, and the inherently stressful nature of change.
  • The concept of an entrepreneurial workplace where everyone practices ownership within their purview and the leaders provide guidance, mentorship, sponsorship, and support.
  • What to do to inspire people to embrace change instead of shoving it down their throats.
    • Give people a voice to raise their concerns about the change particularly when they’re the ones who’ll be most impacted by it.
    • Set the stage for feedback to manage their expectations on what portion of their concerns and suggestions can be adopted.
    • Familiarize with people’s behavioral styles to be able to interact with them in a way that they want to be communicated with and be more likely to come to an agreement.
  • Leveraging the DISC behavioral styles to improve relationships and introduce change that will be more agreeable to others by better understanding their needs and motivations.
  • The typical backwards approach that we tend to adopt when implementing changes and the three-step method to correct this by…
    • Communicating with those who’ll most be impacted and soliciting their input, feedback, and active participation.
    • Changing the culture from one where change is forced to one that creates inclusiveness.
    • Changing the process once all the concerns raised by those impacted are addressed, options from brainstorming are considered, and there’s true buy-in.
  • Creating powerful positive change through communication, establishing a common desired outcome, building a culture of respect and collaboration, and finally instituting changes and making adjustments based on the outcomes of the previous steps.
  • The step-by-step LACE methodology to effectively navigate challenging conversations.
    • Starting with active listening to questions and concerns without judgment.
    • Proceeding with clarifications to ensure all concerns and issues are covered.
    • Exploring a collaborative solution based on what was shared and understood.
  • Examples were provided to demonstrate…
    • How effective change in the workplace is better accomplished by facilitating open conversations between leaders and the people who are most impacted by changes.
    • Implementing culture change towards one that upholds collaboration, brainstorming for options and not being tied to one solution brings forth lasting and effective changes.
    • How change gone backwards in the Minneapolis Police Defunding created more problems for the agency.

Points raised during the Q&A are about:

  • Getting people to trust you with their voice when you’re a new leader.
  • Introducing the new culture and change process to reverse the impact of what was implemented the wrong way in the past.
  • Initiating difficult conversations proactively and empathetically.
  • Utilizing the DISC behavioral styles and bank cards to help navigate difficult conversations.
  • Conflict resolution training.
  • Working with a boss that acts like they’re including you but does not truly listen or implement the ideas.
  • Safety issues that may arise from taking conversations off-site.
  • The ideal number of people to effectively engage and embrace change.



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Audience Comments

  • “Great info, scenarios we can relate to.” — Carrie
  • “I like the new L.A.C.E technique and how to facilitate change in my organization. The concepts are very interesting and make sense!” — Jessica
  • “I appreciated the breakdown of the process for change and the response to my question re: the ideal way to hold those conversations. I also appreciated the LACE acronym. I’m looking forward to applying these concepts internally as well as externally with our community engagement efforts. Thank you!!!!!” — Kristen
  • “I found the examples of different perceptions helpful. It reminded me to remember that not everyone’s perception of a situation is the same.” — Lezlie
  • “I appreciated the steps and the explanations in executing effective change.” — Karyn
  • “Great answers to audience Qs. Thank you.” — Sheraden
  • “Thank you Michael Levin & Justice Clearing House! Any day I learn a better way to present myself or a situation is a great day! Thank you for a GREAT Day!!” — Kathy
  • “Developing good communication techniques is ongoing – The skills provided are helpful. Thank you!” — Jim


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