Creating and Maintaining A Great Workforce: Recruiting and Retaining Quality Employees

Creating and Maintaining A Great Workforce: Recruiting and Retaining Quality Employees
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2020-11-03
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Creating and Maintaining A Great Workforce
Unit 2 Transcript: Creating and Maintaining A Great Workforce
Unit 3 Workbook: Creating and Maintaining A Great Workforce
Unit 4 Recording: Creating and Maintaining A Great Workforce

To be able to have a great workforce, leaders and managers must work throughout the employee life cycle, from first day to farewell. There are so many resources on workforce management but this session provides the most useful information one will need to ensure that any organization builds a successful workforce.

Dr. Jeff Fox is back on the Justice Clearinghouse to provide a power-packed discussion on recruitment, employee engagement, and retention. With a prolific career in criminal justice spanning almost 3 decades across various roles, Dr. Fox has been providing training in criminal justice academies and continuing education classes on topics like leadership, ethics, homeland security, and emergency preparedness.

Specifics he discussed in this webinar are:

  • An overview of the employee life cycle and the human resource-related activities that must be conducted throughout to attract, train, develop, and retain employees.
  • A look into the structured hiring process – best practices, suggestions, and guidelines.
  • Critical activities and recruitment guidelines to build a strong workforce.
  • Elements that an organization must provide the workforce to attract, engage, motivate, and develop the employees.
  • The importance of well-defined goals, review and feedback process, training and recognition scheme, and valuable takeaways when employment is terminated.
  • Tips to retain top employees – what employees look for and what organizations can do.
  • Activating employee passion through focus, leadership, and environment, keeping them motivated with PRIDE, and the organizational benefits of an engaged workforce.
  • Specific pointers for millennial employees.
  • How and which management decisions and actions drive people to quit their jobs.
  • Providing recognition and the types of incentives that employees appreciate.
  • Integrating Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs into the workforce and working on getting employees towards self-actualization.
  • The external factors and internal habits that boost employee performance making them more likely to succeed.
  • The value in practicing both leader and manager qualities to help your people be the best employees they can be.

Questions from the audience are on:

  • Training bonds requiring employees to stay for a specified amount of years with the organization or pay the cost of trainings.
  • Options to consider when filling staffing shortages for civilian roles.
  • Integrating social media account review into the background investigation process.
  • Dealing with resistance from HR for conducting thorough background checks for non-sworn roles.
  • The value in mentorship relationships and finding positive mentors.


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Audience Comments

  • “The recruitment portion was very helpful to me.” — Brandi
  • “Tips on hiring quality employees. I also like the idea of an exit questionnaire for feedback in improving the working environment/employment.” — Christine
  • “This was actually a very good webinar. Dr. Fox obviously has lots of knowledge related to this topic.” — Darren
  • “Easy to follow and lots of diagrams with insightful info; presenter was also very down to earth.” — Elizabeth
  • “This is a profession-wide issue, not just regional. This training described a “whole employee” approach instead of focusing on just one issue/attribute.” — Francisca
  • “So much information was provided in a short time. I found it very relevant and helpful!” — Kelly
  • “The slide on successful versus unsuccessful people resonated and is something a manager can ascertain when viewing staff for promotions, special training or assignments, and for helping to re-engage those employees who seem to be lost in the shuffle of COVID and working from home scenarios. Thank you for one of the BEST seminars I have ever attended. Hope Dr. Cox can present at future webinars!” — Kim
  • “Great training. Could resonate with many of the things discussed and presented. Always looking to retain good people but also looking at how I can grow as a manager. Thank you!” — Melanie



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