Whining, Sniveling, Malcontents: Dealing With Them and Saving Your Organization

Whining, Sniveling, Malcontents: Dealing With Them and Saving Your Organization
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on September 17, 2015
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Unit 2 Video: Whining, Sniveling, Malcontents: Dealing With Them and Saving Your Organization

During this webinar you will learn:

  • The various roles the leaders of the 21st Century need to master in order to be effective leaders, not just managers;
  • The types of employees within an organization that leaders should be focusing on;
  • A proven process for dealing with these challenging employees.

Jim Collins, in his book, Good to Great, identified three important duties of any chief leader of an organization utilizing a bus as a metaphor for the organization: 1) get the right people on the bus; 2) get the right people in the right places on the bus; and, 3) get the wrong people off the bus.

This webinar will focus on identifying these types of employees and methods to deal the employees who tend to suck the very air and life out of a unit, section, or an entire organization – the malcontent bent on creating havoc, drama and discontent. We simply must have the courage to confront this type of employee because if we do not, we will deal with a huge sucking noise as the better employees decide that working in this type of environment just is not worth it and leave. Within the paradigm of an organization, every employee will fall within a continuum from star to the malcontent. A leader’s primary responsibility is to be that leader, mentor and coach for the 80% of the employees who are hardworking, but need leadership to show them the way. The top 10% of an organization, the stars, need little supervision, but need guidance so as not to burnout. In reality, we tend to spend more time dealing with the challenging employees. Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian sociologist identified the Pareto Rule, or the 80/20 Rule. Within in this “rule,” a leader should be spending about 80% of his or her time dealing with the segment of the organization with the greatest potential for highest returns. However, what we see is an inordinate amount of time being spent on these malcontents.



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