Solving Gun Crimes, Identify, Apprehend and Convict (Part Three)

Solving Gun Crimes: Identify, Apprehend and Convict
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded June 14, 2016
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We investigate crimes of violence in which victims are killed or injured with firearms to bring justice to the victims and/or families and peace to their neighborhoods. Success is achieved when an investigation leads to the identification and apprehension of violent criminals. However, a successful firearms investigation takes a well-coordinated team involving local, state and federal law enforcers, forensic experts and prosecutors to manage the many handshakes and hand-offs of the data and information required to identify, apprehend and convict the guilty. This series of webinars will provide participants with actionable recommendations that they can implement to develop their own comprehensive programs to solve gun violence.

Webinar Notes

  • Objective is to develop ability to leverage multiple sources of information from inside and outside of gun
  • Must balance people, process and technology to have a successful crime gun investigation program
  • Goal is to prevent suspect from committing additional shootings. Save the next victim
  • Success is defined by disrupting serial shooters by solving gun crimes
  • A few serial shooters are responsible for majority of violence. Serial shooters do not stop until they are arrested or dead
  • Most serial shooters are NOT well known to local law enforcement
  • Be sure to review progress at least every six months with investigative team to ensure all issues are addressed
  • Bullets are primarily used when firearm is a revolver (because of lack of recovered casings)
  • Champions and the involvement of leadership is critical to a successful gun crime program
  • Dedicated crime gun investigators are needed to ensure that NIBIN hits can be followed-up
  • Goal is to pursue impact investigations and prosecutions
  • Most shootings occur over dominence, respect, gang turn, etc. Not typically over drug turf
  • Success is about disruption of serial shooters by solving gun crimes
  • To evaluate the strength of IBIS hit look at number of crimes linked to firearm
  • Tracing firearms through recovered bullets is difficult because bullet is typically significantly damaged (as designed)


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