Solving Gun Crimes, Extract & Analyze

Solving Gun Crimes: Extract and Analyze
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded May 11, 2016
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We investigate crimes of violence in which victims are killed or injured with firearms to bring justice to the victims and/or families and peace to their neighborhoods. Success is achieved when an investigation leads to the identification and apprehension of violent criminals. However, a successful firearms investigation takes a well-coordinated team involving local, state and federal law enforcers, forensic experts and prosecutors to manage the many handshakes and hand-offs of the data and information required to identify, apprehend and convict the guilty. This series of webinars will provide participants with actionable recommendations that they can implement to develop their own comprehensive programs to solve gun violence.

Training Notes:

  • Crime Gun Investigation focus is on extracting and analyzing information from inside and outside of crime guns
  • Inside data includes unique marks which are transferred to outside of shell casing during the gun firing process
  • Inside data will indicate the other crimes where a crime gun has been used
  • Outside data answers the ‘who’ question for a crime gun
  • Outside data includes fingerprints and DNA found on a crime gun
  • Every crime gun should be swabbed for DNA even if not submitted immediately for analysis
  • Seek to capture both strategic and tactical information on every crime gun
  • Tactical information will solve case. Strategic will identify trends in gun crime
  • Timeliness in crime gun investigation is essential. Define current process and eliminate chokepoints
  • At a minimum, every crime gun should be entered into eTrace
  • To develop a Crime Gun Intelligence Center, assemble a strategic team with policy makers from multiple disciplines
  • To implement a Crime Gun Intelligence Center, assemble an operational team with first and second line supervisory personnel
  • Start your Crime Gun Intelligence Center small and allow the results speak for themselves
  • NIBIN should be used as both an investigative and forensic tool. Leads for investigation, evidence for court
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