How Confidential Informant Testimony Could Result in Reversal

How Confidential Informant Testimony Could Result in Reversal
Duration: 75 Minutes
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Recorded November 14, 2016
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The use of Confidential Informants has always been fraught with peril.  In fact, a May 14, 2016 article by Jordan Smith  of “The Intercept” describes how 89 of the 923 “Official Misconduct” exoneration’s since 1989 can be directly tied to the use of jailhouse informants.  During this presentation, Jon Eliason, Division Chief of the Special Victims Division at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, will discuss the ethics and pitfalls of using Confidential Informants.  He will describe the critical role informants often play in developing a case, identify potential hazards in informant testimony, and navigate the case law governing CIs.

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