Crime Reduction Through Identifying and Targeting Criminal Offenders

Crime Reduction Through Identifying and Targeting Criminal Offenders
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded September 19, 2014
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No matter how their mission statements may differ, all police departments share a common goal of reducing crime. There are various theories and strategies about how to achieve crime reduction, and a seemingly limitless number of products, programs, classes and services offered for sale that promise to help your department meet that goal. But through all of the theories and products, one simple fact shines through: identify and remove repeat offenders from your community, and your crime will decline. The Aurora (IL) Police Department has used this strategy to address multiple types of crime from murder to burglary, and has achieved dramatic successes over multiple years. Their city has gone from being notorious for crime and gang violence in the mid-’90s to being ranked this year by Movoto Real Estate as the 8th safest mid-sized city in the entire country. During this webinar, Aurora Police Commander Paul Nelson will share the strategies, tools and methods they have used to achieve this success.


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