A Life of Stress: The Damages and the Proper Response

A Life of Stress
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Module 1Resources
Recorded: July 21 and August 4, 2015
Unit 1Slide Deck: The Damages
Unit 2Video: The Damages
Unit 3Quiz: A Life of Stress - The Damages
Unit 4Slide Deck: The Proper Response
Unit 5Video: The Proper Response
Unit 6Quiz: A Life of Stress - The Response
Unit 7Additional Resources

Description: This two hour course is designed to help participants learn some skills and tools for dealing with stress in their lives.

  • A Life of Stress, The Damages: Participants gain an understanding of the toll stress can take on our minds and bodies.
  • A Life of Stress, The Proper Response:  Participants will recognize they can strategically combat the impacts of stress by implementing some basic coping tools while in the midst of stress. Each participant will learn to develop the necessary skills and apply proper life changes to create resiliency to stress.
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