Cheryl Michaels

Cheryl Michaels is the Associate Director for the Office of Safety and Security at Seattle Pacific University and Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students. She is also the co-owner of a security consulting firm, Educational Safety LLC. As Associate Director of Security, she oversees the campus security operations center, a 24/7 emergency dispatch center for the campus that also monitors surveillance systems, fire systems, and the campus emergency notification system.

Since joining SPU in 2001, she has been responsible for implementing the university’s emergency and crisis management plan, which has included training for first responders and the campus community through seminars and exercises. She is the university’s lead advisor on threat assessments for at risk individuals. She is responsible for the campus gender-based violence awareness program and a certified self-defense instructor with Rape Aggression Defense Systems. Before joining Seattle Pacific University, Cheryl worked for Raytheon’s naval weapons-manufacturing division in Security Operations, where she oversaw physical security and the classified information protection program.  

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