Charlotte Robinson

Currently, Dr. Robinson is an instructor with Code 3 Associates and teaches several NACA courses.  She has been acting as a consultant for animal shelters in Virginia on animal welfare, zoonotic diseases and disease control for more than fifteen years.  She was trained as a Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostician at Plum Island, NY.  She worked as the Director of Animal Welfare Programs for the State of Virginia and as Regional Veterinary Supervisor.   During that time she became interested in helping the Animal Control and welfare community by developing training programs and Animal Control Curricula.  With her background in private veterinary practice and farming, she knew how the animal control community was often expected to have very technical knowledge and expertise with little access to quality training.  While teaching at the Shenandoah Valley Criminal Justice Academy she, with the staff there, developed Animal Control training programs for ACOs and law enforcement officers.  She continues to train shelter staff and animal health technicians as well as animal control officers and offers continuing education for officers, technicians and veterinarians.

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