The Centurion Principle – The Dynamic of Authority

The Centurion Principle – The Dynamic of Authority
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded March 22, 2018
Unit 1Slides Handout: The Centurion Principle
Unit 2Recording: The Centurion Principle – The Dynamic of Authority

Virtually all instances of police misconduct are the result of ego-driven officers operating “out from under authority.” Officers have been delegated all of the lawful authority necessary to accomplish the police mission, yet they give it up on a routine basis and resort to ego-power. Learning to faithfully represent authorities and remain under their protection is key to:

  • avoiding negative consequences of poor decisions
  • building essential trust-based relationships in the community
  • developing the resiliency necessary to survive the four “deadly arenas’:
    the streets, the courts, the media, and the profession.
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