Cecelia Rosser

Cecelia Rosser and her colleagues at Training and Development Resources, (TDR) LLC. work with and train law enforcement personnel seeking to hone their leadership and presentation skills through a program called Leading Change: Developing Women Leaders.   The program focuses on preparing women to attain their career goals by targeting and developing the skills they need to progress within their organizations, to include their advocacy and communication skills.  Prior to starting TDR, Cecelia spent ten years at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) as their Director of Training.  While at IACP, she developed, led and evaluated domestic and international training programs, and oversaw management studies and police chief recruitment efforts.  She also led police capacity building efforts in 9 countries. At IACP she oversaw the development and fielding of a leadership training program used by police departments throughout North America.  Cecelia also conceived of and working with a talented team, developed and fielded an internationally recognized leadership training program for women in law enforcement that was taught in eight countries.  Prior to IACP, Cecelia retired as a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES) after a 28-year Federal career.   She oversaw national, criminal investigative programs at two federal agencies and served in progressively responsible law enforcement management positions with the Postal Service, and the Departments of Treasury, Transportation and Defense.

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