Career Survival within the Administrative Ranks of Policing (Part 2)

Career Survival within the Administrative Ranks of Policing (Part 2)
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2022-08-18
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This is the second part of the webinar series on Career Survival with the Administrative Ranks in Policing. The first installment introduced the components to promote career survival that leaders must acclimate to with specific guidelines on how to do so. This session covers the last component – vital knowledge that leaders must possess, particularly the five key leadership components.

Back on the Justice Clearinghouse to share his experience and expertise is Dennis Nayor. Dennis has over 25 years of experience in policing and recently retired as a Chief of Police. He is currently a faculty member for the Law Enforcement and Public Safety Leadership Master’s program at the University of San Diego and is the host of the podcast Blue Leadership.

Points Dennis explored in this session include:

  • A brief recap of the six components of promoting career survival.
  • A rundown of the vital knowledge leaders must possess in terms of liability, the pillars of 21st century policing, budgeting and finance, familiarity with the function and roles of the people they lead, and the five key leadership components.
  • Emotional intelligence – what it is, its value in policing, how it contributes to career survivability, and familiarizing with the characteristics that people with high IQ manifest and possess.
  • Conflict resolution: The value of conflict, how it turns to problems, methods to resolve conflict, variables to effectively resolve conflict, examples of conflict resolution, and its impact on career survivability.
  • Organizational theory and how the culture that drives your agency is critical to how it grows, learns, evolves, and handles and adapts to change.
  • The importance of officer wellness and how it determines the officers’, the agency’s, and the leaders’ outcomes.
  • What leaders can do to promote officer wellness through:
    • Shift design, time-off, workload, and environmental condition considerations to accommodate officers’ needs in terms of their personal life and health – including mental health.
    • Providing officers with several avenues and opportunities to get their voices heard and being seen and approachable.
    • Advocating for wellness and accommodating officers’ needs by providing and implementing mindfulness, physical health, and mental health programs and resources.
  • The value of continuing education in one’s career in terms of improving critical thinking, decision making, and problem-solving and broadening skills, knowledge, network, options, and opportunities.

Points Dennis clarified during the Q&A are about:

  • Acronyms used for concepts discussed.
  • How leaders can remove the stigma surrounding mental health by leading by example.
  • Incorporating emotional intelligence into the hiring process.
  • His advice to his younger self.


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