Career Conversation: Create a Career Path that Aligns with Your Values

Career Conversation: Create a Career Path that Aligns with Your Values
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2023-11-30
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There is a profound connection between personal core values and success. The more our core values are aligned with the choices and decisions we make in our jobs and our lives, the better we accomplish our goals and become fulfilled. This webinar explores discovering our core values, aligning career choices with our values, working through obstacles, and leveraging core values to create positive outcomes in the workplace.

Leading the conversation is Dr. Tamara Lyn. Tammy has decades of service in the corrections settings in both clinical and executive roles. She is also the Founder of High Ready Coaching and Consulting. Her experience provided her with insights on leadership, crisis management, and resilience, among others.

Specifics of the discussion include:

  • Tammy’s story that demonstrated how misalignment of her core values to the responsibilities required in her job.
  • Epictetus and the stoic tradition that provide a foundation for the importance of recognizing our core values.
  • Practicing self-awareness and reviewing relationships and life experiences to identify core values.
  • A guided exercise to help webinar participants to identify their set of top core values.
  • The value in seeking opportunities for alignment in the workplace.
  • How alignment between values and choices results in resilience, satisfaction, motivation, and authenticity.
  • How disparity in values and choices creates tension and stress.
  • How our dream jobs as a child typically are related to a core value that we unsuspectingly hold even at a young age.
  • Time Check: Reveal alignments and misalignments based on the time spent on activities and the three categories based on their alignment with core values.
  • Ways to express core values at work through self-awareness, practice, transparency, choosing tougher choices that are aligned instead of the easier path, and not allowing perfectionism to sabotage our efforts.
  • Considerations for challenges in the face of pursuing our core values – articulating non-negotiables, leading by example, recognizing red flags of misalignment, and having a catch team.
  • Marcus Aurelius and his stoic view on how to deal with challenges and objections to our principles and core values.
  • Strategies to manage resistance, negativity, and objections to core-value-based decisions and actions.
  • Fostering a culture that supports core values and influences others to do the same by starting where you are, doing the right thing, taking the initiative, facing conflicts, mentoring, and modeling.
  • Leading with values through the PAIRS Framework.
  • The value in reassessing core values periodically based on life events and challenges as well as societal changes.

Questions from the webinar attendees are about:

  • Maintaining positivity in a negative work environment.
  • Pursuing core values that seem to be elusive in the past.
  • Addressing core values in a skeptical work culture.
  • Aligning core values with the need for a steady income.
  • The workplace’s role in enhancing personal core values.


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Audience Comments

  • “It was helpful to think about how my values are impacting my work.”
  • “Lots of resources were provided to assist with additional exploration. I found everything about this webinar helpful!”
  • “Wonderful and thought-provoking presentation on realizing who you are. Great information on analyzing yourself and pursuing a direction that creates a purpose and results in a sense of accomplishment.”
  • “ALL OF THIS INFORMATION WAS NEEDED. The presenter was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about this topic. AWESOME!!! Thanks!”
  • “It was a great webinar, so insightful and I could listen to you talk all day.”



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