Call to Action: Lifting Each Other Up to Rise Together

Call to Action: Lifting Each Other Up to Rise Together
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2023-11-16
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People tend to cower from leading because they either feel not empowered to lead or feel helpless to lead. It is imperative, however, especially for women, to take on that leadership role and blaze a trail for those who come after them so more women can be in leadership positions. This session explores ways women can support each other in the public safety space and create more women leaders.

Leading the discussion is Sara Weston, the founder and executive director of 911der Women, and the CEO of Sara Weston Consulting, LLC. Prior to this, Sara has been a consultant for NG911 systems working with states on planning, procuring, and implementing NG911 systems and the National 911 Program.

Points Sara covered on this webinar include:

  • An overview of Sara’s story and 911der Women – its inception, work, and progress.
  • The need for curiosity and self-reflection to understand our motivations, reactions, thoughts, and self-talk and drive positive change in public safety.
  • Championing: How it is defined, the value of celebrating wins, including those that are not ours.
  • Why women in public safety need to be championing each other for collective success and going beyond just getting a seat at the table.
  • The significance of helping others rise following a failure and cheering for the rise following the failure.
  • The challenges of championing because of the fear of scarcity and the token female syndrome, and the need to overcome these through an abundance mindset.
  • Leading from wherever you are: Barriers that hinder this, the value of seeing leadership not as a title but a choice, and what it means to lead from the bench.
  • What leadership can look like as demonstrated by anecdotes on Simone Bile’s gymnastics experience and Sara’s decision to quit work that emphasizes the importance of speaking up and leading one’s self.
  • Mentorship: How it benefits both the mentor and the mentee, suggestions on finding a mentor or a mentee, and what is required from both ends to participate in mentorship successfully.
  • Advocacy: How it can be done by promoting others’ ideas, speaking up for those who are not in the room, and talking somebody up to a decision-maker.
  • Networking: How people tend to feel about it and its benefits for self-improvement and career development.
  • Creating opportunities that highlight the value of blazing the trail for others and giving others the roadmap to success.
  • Celebrating diversity to prevent groupthink and gain a different perspective.
  • Being a cheerleader by creating moments of encouragement that propel others towards success.
  • The cumulative impact of small actions in getting women to rise together and achieve collective success.
  • The need for women to speak up and demand what is needed and desired.
  • The importance of setting an example for others who may be inspired to do the same.

Questions from the webinar audience are about:

  • How to be a champion when others around you are not.
  • When a woman leader isn’t championing women under their leadership.
  • Responding to patronizing, if not sexist, ways men may address women.
  • Tips to be successful as a woman leader in a mostly female team.


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Audience Comments

  • “Seeing leadership as something that is inside everyone not just an elite.”
  • “Coming from a team mentality makes it better for finding support and building support around you. I loved this webinar, and I really appreciate Sara’s perspectives. Thank you!”
  • “Sara (the presenter) had great stories and examples…”
  • “I particularly appreciated the part where one succeeds we all rise.”
  • “A great reminder to continue to empower each other as colleagues, help our fellow women grow in leadership careers so that we continue to pay it forward and make it part of our daily lives to empower women and others to be the best possible version of themselves.”
  • “The presenter was personable with great examples, great job!”
  • “I appreciated the encouragement to be more empowered in our actions and find positive mentorship.”
  • “I think she should make this topic for women in general instead of just to 911 telecommunicators. I do work as a telecommunicator but am glad I signed up. She is really good and all women should hear her presentation.”




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