Building Performance: Understanding the EAC Factors for Justice Professionals

Building Performance: Understanding the EAC Factors for Justice Professionals
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2022-10-27
Unit 1Presentation Materials: Building Performance
Unit 2Recording: Building Performance

How three basic words can transform your overall performance and empower individuals to reach their short and long-term goals. Participants will learn that self-expectations, accountability, and consequences are three action steps to ensure success.  You will be challenged to live your best moving forward.


In this session the participants will learn:

  • The definition of the E.A.C. factor
  • How this process can enhance your life
  • How to plan goal setting around the process


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Resources and Handouts


Audience Comments

  • “Behavior without consequences is Permission.” — Richard
  • “I thought his response to the questions at the end were very good.” — Scott
  • “This was an excellent training. I definitely look forward to more topics like this, more trainings from Mr. Bobby Kipper, and a chance to read his recommended books. Thanks for reminding me of the power of journaling. There was a wealth of information, but that reminder was one that I personally needed to avoid a loss of steam. Thank you.” — Toyya
  • “It was good to hear that organizational and personal accountability are critical. Good reinforcement of my personal thoughts, and verifying my moral compass when addressing change, interactions, and expectations of myself and others in the organization.” — Walter
  • “Great suggestions and resources shared today. Thank you for this very important topic.” — Colleen
  • “The presentation was very information and useful information was provided.” — Connie
  • “Goal setting and journal writing. Also the discussion about personal accountability.” — Dawn


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