Building Alliances to Combat Organized Retail Crime

Building Alliances to Combat Organized Retail Crime
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2023-05-23
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Organized Retail Crime (ORC) is a problem that hounds communities around the US and even the whole world. It causes financial losses for the affected businesses, leading to increased costs for customers, and even businesses shutting down altogether. It likewise poses immediate risks to the safety of employees, shoppers, and the entire community as well as more complex problems when proceeds from such crimes are funneled to support other illegal activities.

Travis Martinez, the Deputy Chief of Police with the Redlands Police Department, discusses how their organization utilizes technological advancements to ensure the safety of the communities they serve. Travis has played a leading role in implementing technology-driven strategies to combat Organized Retail Crime (ORC) and other criminal activities.

Specifics tackled in this session include:

  • An overview of Redlands, California, and its challenges with Organized Retail Crime (ORC).
  • The constraints and difficulties faced by the Redlands PD that led them to prioritize GPS tracking as the key technology for addressing ORC.
  • The specifications and settings to consider when selecting an effective GPS technology provider and types of deployments where GPS can be used.
  • A rundown of the common items stolen in ORC and how GPS trackers can be embedded in these.
  • The settings of the GPS trackers in terms of geo-fencing, motion sensitivity, and tracking capability.
  • The proactive “While You’re Away” program implemented by the Redlands PD to ensure tourists have a pleasing vacation experience.
  • Facts and figures from the 2013 Command College Project illustrating the impact of implementing GPS tracking technology on the number of arrests and burglary incidents.
  • Implementing Redland’s Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPRs) Program – the challenges and its goal.
  • The criteria sought by the RPD for developing the ALPR system and finding the appropriate solutions provider addressing both public safety concerns and community privacy considerations.
  • The community-oriented approach taken by the Redlands PD to address the public’s concerns about the ALPR and gain community support.
  • How ALPRs are used and placement considerations for cameras deployed by the Redlands PD.
  • Case studies were provided to demonstrate:
    • How GPS trackers are leveraged in robbery and theft incidents.
    • How ALPRs helped identify vehicles involved in ORC and link up incidents.
    • The power of GPS and ALPR when used together to hold groups accountable for multiple ORC incidents within Redlands and neighboring jurisdictions.
  • Other considerations when looking at leveraging technology in terms of:
    • Working with community partners.
    • Placement of ALPR readers and geo-fencing considerations.
    • Utilizing LeadsOnline to track where stolen items are being sold.
    • Potential funding sources to tap when implementing efforts to combat ORC.

Questions from the webinar attendees are about:

  • Securing buy-in from command staff and leadership when developing tech-driven ORC initiatives.
  • ALCU questions on the ALPR initiative.
  • Additional training for dispatch related to ORC-focused technology.
  • Business owners’/retailers’ involvement in the initiatives and the point person for such partnerships.


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Audience Comments

  • “The use of the trackers and the camera. Thank you for the information.” — Aaron
  • “Very informative. A simple solution to combating crime that involves businesses and law enforcement working together. Brilliant!” — Amber
  • “Travis Martinez was a great speaker with useful information for all California-based law enforcement agencies struggling to combat organized retail crimes and thefts. Thank you, Travis. Enjoyed your presentation very much.” — William
  • “Effective use of technology can greatly assist in the reduction of crime. — Lindy
  • “Excellent information and suggestions for creating a similar response in other jurisdictions. Very informative.” — Billy
  • “Excellent presentation. he stayed on topic and only discussed a few ideas. enjoyed his presentation.” — Edward
  • “Real-life application from a person actually doing it. And the lesson of being transparent with the community.” — Kevin
  • “The Presenter provided well thought-out critical information regarding the topic and his enthusiasm was PERFECT to encourage other Agencies to not shy away from utilizing the GPS devices and other Technology.” — Vivian
  • “Great examples and handouts. Thank you!” — Vanessa



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