Bringing Your Best To A Promotional Process

Bringing Your Best To A Promotional Process
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2018-06-12
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One way to keep employees engaged is by ensuring that they experience growth in their role. One of the most common ways growth is done, and even measured, is through the process of promotions within organizations.

While we’ve identified that promotion is one way to realize growth, for most, the how is the bigger problem. People prepare for the promotional process employing various techniques. Today’s webinar resource, however, will share one method that allows anyone to create a framework out of. The ‘home base’ ensures that an individual feels prepared and confident in their promotion testing and interview.

Dr. Kimberly Miller is this course’s esteemed guest. She is a sought-after speaker, consultant, trainer, and a strength-based facilitator of individual and organizational change. Best known for her relationship-based approach, she conducts workshops, coaching, and organizational interventions to improve employee skills, supervision, management, and the entire organization.


Some of the concepts Dr. Miller covered during this session include:

  • The importance of pre-test preparation which involves:
    • Allocating time in leadership training to improve skills, character and tools, and staying committed to personal development.
    • Acquiring varied experience and understanding of the organization by volunteering, taking on special projects, or serving as a mentor, among others.
    • Practicing self-reflection of your motivation and your mental readiness for taking on a new role.
    • Observing self-awareness of your knowledge, your character as others see it, and your coping mechanisms.
    • Considering your level of confidence, your strength and weaknesses, areas for improvement, others’ opinion of you, and your drive to do what it takes to get promoted.
  • Things to avoid pre-test like:
    • Asking people past questions or how they answered it.
    • Trying to please the interviewer/panel by providing answers that they want to hear but aren’t authentic.
    • Worrying about things you cannot control like how others are preparing or performing, and the decision-making.
    • Exuding too much confidence that you do not prepare or is construed by others as entitled or arrogant.
  • The importance of mindset, belief in self, and vision in prepping you for success.
  • The concept of home base and how to build it as your preparation framework that looks into:
    • Your strengths as you see them and as others do, and practicing awareness when these strengths can become a liability.
    • Skills and knowledge acquired in your career and life, and forecasting which ones must be learned or improved once at the next level.
    • Your leadership approach based on how you and others see it.
    • Integrating your self-awareness so you’d know your selling point, your story/theme, and potential liabilities that will be probed come test/interview day.
  • Techniques for successful interviewing that:
    • Ensures an effective story-telling through time-management, structure, thoroughness and coherence that is also concise and unforgettable.
    • Communicates expertise of your current role and familiarity with what is entailed and anticipated of you in the new role.
    • Utilizes coping mechanisms in the event of a misstep in how you handled/answered a question.
  • The importance of being proactive by preparing and forecasting what are likely interview talking points like hot topics, issues, and challenges.
  • Being prepared with the possibility that you will not be the chosen candidate for promotion by:
    • Letting yourself feel what you need to feel.
    • Evaluating only your performance – not other’s performance nor the decision.
    • Seeking and listening to the feedback from the people who made the decision.
    • Demonstrating your willingness to grow and improve to do better next time.
  • The importance of relationships, self-awareness, positive mindset, growth mindset, and adding value to every day, in the promotional process.
  • Webinar attendees had inquiries during the Q&A relating to:
    • Areas for improvement for the next generation of leaders
    • Common reasons why some individuals aren’t inclined to want a promotion
    • Growing outside of the “climbing the ladder” approach
    • Starting fresh or resetting your career
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