Brenda K. Uekert

Dr. Uekert spent more than 20 years working in the justice system, starting as a Crime Analyst and ending as a nationally-renowned expert on court reform. She received national awards for her work on adult guardianships and testified in front of Congress. Yet the personal sacrifices, impossible work demands, and frustrations with the slow pace of reform took a toll. When Dr. Uekert finally reached her breaking point, her experience, expertise, and recognition were not enough to save her job. In April 2018, she embraced a bold new world, determined to create a fulfilling life outside of the justice system.

Today Dr. Uekert is the blogger behind The Five Journeys and Better Life Challenges. She devotes her passion and energy to the creation and development of the Early Exit Academy. The Academy offers online courses that walk students through the psychological, social, and financial steps they need to take to become financially secure and live more rewarding lives.

Dr. Uekert is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire and has an MA and PhD from Syracuse University.

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