Bonnie Locke

Bonnie Locke began her career in the Wisconsin State Legislature. Ms. Locke went to work for a Division of Lockheed Martin, which provided IT systems and services to local and state governments. After opening Lockheed’s Phoenix office, she returned to Wisconsin to finish raising her family. She became the Director for Wisconsin’s first Statewide Justice Information Sharing program. Ms. Locke was responsible for coordinating and promoting the integration and sharing of information between and among local, state and federal justice organizations. That work reinforced her passion and commitment to continue to serve the public sector and the criminal justice community. She was then fortunate enough to start working at Nlets – the International Justice and Public Safety Information Sharing Network where she has been for the last 1years.

Through Nlets, she has gained unparalleled experience in the justice and public safety information sharing space. As a current Chief Marketing Officer with Nlets, she is responsible for marketing, new business, grants, training, administration, budgets and more. She is the former Chair of the International Association of Chiefs of Police Criminal Justice Information Systems Committee. Ms. Locke serves on numerous other national committees and is actively involved with many national and intentional organizations. Though her speaking engagements have taken her all over the country, Ms. Locke is proud to call Wisconsin home.<

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