Be the Leader You Wish You Had

Be the Leader You Wish You Had
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2023-06-08
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Discerning what a good leader looks like versus a bad one comes from our own experience of being led as a follower. When the time comes that we’re expected to step up and lead ourselves, we instinctively want to be good leaders. But what does that look like? This webinar explores realities surrounding how influence and leadership work, the ideal characteristics of leadership, the concept of the Success Triad, and action steps to become the leader you wish you had.

Back on the Justice Clearinghouse’s Leadership webinar series is Dr. Ed Sherman. He is a consultant, executive coach, and leadership development specialist with 40 years of experience in public safety as a law enforcement officer, firefighter, and paramedic. Through Sherman consulting, he provides assessment, training, team building, and process improvement facilitation for staff and leaders to improve organizations.

Specifics of this session include:

  • How we are greatly influenced by the modeling of those around us, often learning from their behavior without conscious awareness.
  • Recognizing the significant influence your words and actions can have on others – as observed in mentoring dynamics.
  • Our ability to demonstrate leadership when working at any level or rank.
  • The value of aligning our behavior with our beliefs to maintain congruence.
  • The importance of striving for consistency and credibility in our actions and principles towards reputation-building.
  • The concept of the Success Triad (Attitude, Alignment, and Actions) that can help with becoming more consistent and credible as a leader.
    • Attitude that refers to others’ perception of us and our ability to shape this through our choices.
    • Alignment which involves questioning established norms and using tested principles and engaging and listening to others when making decisions.
    • Actions that are aligned with principles that becomes the basis of our credibility and reputation.
  • Action steps to implement to be the leader that you wish you had.
    • Going above and beyond the minimum requirements to distinguish yourself, foster positive interaction, and build a positive reputation.
    • Being the person who helps others and is willing to step up when the situation calls for it.
    • Focusing on planning and finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems.
    • Considering what you would want if you were in the recipient’s position and thinking about the potential conflicts when making decisions.
  • Resources and an anecdote demonstrating what is required for leadership success.
  • The concept of the Leader’s Dilemma and how to come up with solutions that satisfy both the organization and its goals and the people and their needs.
  • How being an effective leader means choosing the right path, even if it’s not the easiest.
  • The value in embracing a leadership style that values input and listens to others.

Questions from the webinar attendees are about:

  • The change in mindset and principles that occurs when shifting from a non-leadership role to a leadership role.
  • Addressing inconsistency in leadership.
  • The universal concept to apply in leadership.
  • Managing up through modeling.
  • Obtaining respect when shifting from a being a peer to a leader.


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Audience Comments

  • “Importance of engaging and listening. I now better understand the challenges my supervisor faces.” — Hayley
  • “I enjoyed the discussion and the handout that went with it.” — Candace
  • “I think it is a great idea for new leaders coming in to talk to the people they will be supervising.” — GENNIFER
  • “The Success Triad – Attitude, Alignment, and Actions. This was wonderful training for managers. I really got a lot out of the one-hour presentation.” — Joanna
  • “…Realizing as a supervisor you MUST be able to respectfully self assess and self criticize to be a better leader.” — Brooke
  • “There is not enough space here to express how important the webinar was for me today! The entire presentation was extremely valuable and I learned some new ways to keep myself on track in my career. Thank you so much, Dr. Sherman and JCH.” — Kathy
  • “The different approach to leadership now versus before.” — Ken
  • “Dr. Sherman presented some good questions for an individual to ask themselves before engaging with others or handling a difficult situation. Those questions allowed me to gain a new perspective.” — Kimberly
  • “I like the success triad and how as an educator I can help encourage my students to start thinking about and enacting those principles. Thank you for your time!” — Kari
  • “I liked the 3 A’s attitude, alignment, and action.” — Stevie
  • “Thought-provoking.” — Dennis





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