Assessment Center and Oral Panel Interview Preparation

Assessment Center and Oral Panel Interview Preparation
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2022-10-20
Unit 1 Presentation Materials: Assessment Center and Oral Panel Interview Preparation
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It is expected of any person to want to improve one’s self and progress in life. In the professional setting, this looks like training, mastery of skills, and promotion. Promoting in the law enforcement field entails having to go through a series of obstacle that seems like having to go through the eye of a needle. This webinar explores the path to promotion in law enforcement and tips to be prepared and perform well in the promotional assessment process.

Leading the webinar is Jonni Redick, a 29-year veteran in law enforcement who rose through the ranks from a county clerical worker to  Assistant Chief of the California Highway Patrol (CHP). She currently provides leadership training through JLConsultingSolutions, and is the author of Survival Guide to Law Enforcement Promotional Preparation.

Specifics of Jonni’s discussion include:

  • The importance of assessing your readiness based on personal readiness, tangible work experience, and leadership acumen.
  • An overview of the promotional process looking at the assessment center panel and the screening components, and the value in familiarizing with these.
  • Unpacking the different assessment center tests and activities with tips on how to prepare and successfully perform in each of these.
  • The four fundamental topics that one must show adeptness in both knowledge and experience that are covered in the tests and oral interview.
  • The specific abilities, skills, and knowledge to highlight during the interview and ways to emphasize these creatively and not seem like a mere reiteration of one’s resume.
  • A glimpse into the typical scoring matrix for assessments which looks into one’s application material, interview performance, and work performance and history.
  • A rundown of the topics to brush up on and the common ones that come up during interviews.
  • How scores during oral interviews depend on communication skills and the ability to convey ideas clearly.
  • Tips for the interview preparation that involves:
    • Common questions that can potentially come out in promotional oral interviews.
    • Building confidence and competence in communication and public speaking by practicing.
    • Reviewing metrics that can be added into responses and framing less-than-ideal numbers with positivity by highlighting silver linings.
    • Utilizing study hacks like mind-mapping and acronyms to facilitate recall and retention of important concepts and details.
    • Brushing up on prioritizing, delegating, planning, and coordinating skills and concepts.
    • Getting ready for scenarios by approaching these policy-first, considering the environment and circumstances surrounding the incident, capabilities and resources, and staying up to date on issues and cases through news and industry updates.
    • Familiarizing with behavioral interviews to navigate them smoothly.
    • Aiming to impress the panel through preparation, body language, and reading the room.
    • The importance of self-awareness and authenticity in being able to perform well under pressure.
  • What to do in the wait before the assessment or while waiting for the results to be productive and remain working on one’s career development.
  • Helpful resources to leverage with question guides, information on common interview topics, and the whole promotional process preparation.

Questions from the webinar participants are about:

  • What agencies can do to prepare and support employees for the promotional assessments.
  • Recommended non-law enforcement resources to become better managers and leaders.
  • Time management tips for professionals trying to balance work and life on top of preparing for assessments and interviews.


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Audience Comments

  • “The tips on preparing to promote were so helpful.” — Erin
  • “The notion that investigation is project management. Never looked at it from that perspective. Great presentation with a wealth of good information.” — Felecia
  • “The outside material from other departments or where else to look for assistance to issues. Thank you.” — Kiedi
  • “Direction on where to look to study and prepare for processes and to prioritize studying. I underestimate preparing — Kisha
  • “She was very knowledgeable and had great delivery. Thanks.” — Kirk
  • The tips on not only giving your experience and traits but to explain them and give details and examples related to them. Great speaker!” — Monique
  • “This entire webinar was awesome. Jonni was very informative!” — Jill
  • “I wish this came last week for my leadership interview. Great information.” — Mariam
  • “Everything Ms. Reddick discussed in this webinar was valuable. However, the discussion on mind-mapping was enlightening. Looking forward to her next Leadership webinar.” — Michelle
  • “I really enjoyed the webinar topic, felt it was well organized with relevant content which I will use in an upcoming promotional process.” — Michael
  • “So much to consider. This webinar is great for new employees as well as those who are trying to promote. The key is Preparation.” — Ray



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