Ask Me Anything: Workplace Violence and Mass Shootings

Ask Me Anything: Workplace Violence and Mass Shootings
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2019-05-30
Unit 1 Recording: Ask Me Anything: Workplace Violence and Mass Shootings

In this three-part seminar series we start with a question we often use in class: Somewhere in your community today, there is someone that you believe could be capable of carrying out an attack on your workplace?

In the last seminar in the series, we will let you determine what we discuss based on feedback from the two previous seminars and questions live from our audience. We can discuss the psychology of the attacker to why certain security measures may not be as good as another or why training matters.

This series includes:


Audience Comments:

  • “Very good information for anyone who works in an environment that could be a target.” –David
  • “How important it is to maintain awareness regarding your surroundings and to assess what safety measures should be taken in the event of a mass violence incident.” –Emma
  • “Intelligent questions from a layman’s perspective and a knowledgeable facilitator with quick, complete answers in layman’s terms. Excellent interactive format!” –Annemarie
  • “The awareness of how “unaware” we are in our surroundings; More awareness of lock, layer, and reinforcement is great advice; work from home to encourage employees to return to workplace when they feel/are safe is a great idea; AND embodiment of EAP to get more actively involved in the mental health of employees in these high-risk situations.” –Andrea
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