Ask Me Anything Preventing and Recovering from Burnout

Ask Me Anything Preventing and Recovering from Burnout
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2024-05-21
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 Overcoming burnout, a state of chronic physical and mental exhaustion, is crucial for improving health, career, relationships, and overall well-being. To do so, one must have awareness of how burnout shows up for them and employ appropriate strategies to address it effectively and sustainably.

Marc Hildebrand leads the conversation on how to manage, overcome, and prevent burnout. Marc is a former Law Enforcement Officer from the Los Angeles Police Department and his transformative journey from burnout to becoming a successful life coach served as the framework to his mission to help those within the criminal justice field to lead better lives.

Specifics of the webinar portion discussed:

  • How burnout impacts health, career and relationships and overcoming it improves these different aspects of life as well.
  • Marc’s personal struggles – his battle with weight, career burnout, and family challenges – and how these led to his decision toward personal and professional growth.
  • What burnout is, how it manifests, and consequently impacts work performance.
  • How burnout is experienced by individuals differently, and have symptoms that show up either physically, emotionally, behaviorally, or through neglected personal needs.
  • How going through burnout teaches the importance of priorities and finding new approaches to achieving goals.
  • The key strategies to combat burnout through self-care, boundary-setting, staying connected to your purpose, changing routines, seeking social support, being proactive, and when all else fails, seeking professional help.
  • How success in overcoming burnout requires taking consistent actionable steps, albeit small.

Topics raised during the Ask Me Anything segment include:

  • Defining and communicating boundaries effectively to benefit not just the individual but also influence those around them.
  • How women can benefit from learning to say no good opportunities to make space for great ones where you are fully present and deliver high-quality work.
  • Conducting a time audit to identify essential activities that produce the most significant results for you and ones that can be delegated and removed from your plate – be it at work or at home.
  • Managing people who don’t respect boundaries by clearly and assertively communicating boundaries and practicing personal control over responses to boundary violations.
  • Distinguishing between stress and burnout and shifting perspectives on how you handle burnout instead of accepting that it is inevitable and coexisting with it.
  • Indicators that you’ve recovered from burnout and proving actual recovery through tangible health metrics and how you show up at work.
  • Dealing with afternoon energy crashes through awareness of energy levels based on biological rhythms and leveraging activities and habits to regain energy.


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Audience Comments

  • “It was very valuable to learn about ways to prevent burnout, especially when I am not yet experiencing it but am on the verge of doing so.”
  • “This was very inspiring and excellent!!!”
  • “This webinar was excellent. I took a lot of information away from it to help get myself out of the burnout I am in.”
  • “The 7 different types of things to help prevent or overcome burnout is really helpful. Most of them we should all know, but there are a few that are helpful and it is nice to know I am not alone in trying to juggle work, family, house, and me time!”
  • “I love hearing about this because I never want to go back to how I was.”
  • “I have done other burnout webinars but I feel like this one really resonated with me. I liked the material and how the speaker spoke about the topic.”
  • “Thanks so much for providing this vital information. I know it is something I need to work on as I have been feeling overwhelmed these days in all aspects of my life. I look forward to using this information to further benefit my wellbeing and enrich my self worth.”
  • Great webinar packed with great information!”
  • Good advice, practical solutions. Engaging speaker. Thanks.”
  • Fantastic, useable information and suggestions.”



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