Ask Me Anything: Managing the Younger Generation – Generation Z

Ask Me Anything Managing the Younger Generation - Generation Z
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2024-07-16
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There are four generations currently in the workplace with different strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and motivations. For the older generations taking up the leadership roles, recruiting, managing, and retaining Gen Zs may feel like doing an open-heart surgery. Fortunately, we have Brenda Dietzman to help Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials successfully work alongside the rapidly growing population of Gen Zs in the workplace in this Ask Me Anything session.

A Justice Clearinghouse favorite, Brenda Dietzman is a passionate speaker with more than 28 years of experience in the law enforcement and corrections space. She provides evidence-based training solutions and inspiring presentations on topics of resilience, leadership, developing women leaders, and leading generations.

Questions Brenda answered on this webinar are about…

  • What motivates Gen Zers.
    • Looking at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, how these serve as motivators, and how focusing on the sense of achievement, purpose, and meaning even reduces burnout.
    • Action items for leaders to discover their subordinates’ needs, passions, and purpose; allow them to fulfill these; and recognize their accomplishments.
    • Gen Z’s mentality when it comes to spending and saving their money.
    • Keeping Gen Zs motivated by asking for their ideas and communicating, providing wellness benefits and training opportunities, and understanding the experiences and struggles of ‘”onlys”.
  • Gen Z’s work ethics.
    • Gen Z’s propensity for job-hopping – why they embrace this, how it benefits them, and factors that persuade employees to job-hop.
    • Getting ahead of the job-hopping by creating a harmonious workplace environment with engaged and knowledgeable supervision, purposeful work that is aligned with individual goals, and competitive salary.
  • Challenges that the Gen Zers tend to experience with Gen X supervisors.
    • How workload, mental health concerns, and the contrasting views on the value of empathy and leadership are points of struggle for Gen Z employees.
    • Addressing these challenges through emotional intelligence, curiosity, connection, communication, collaboration, and openness for reverse mentoring.
  • Gen Z’s tendency to be too sensitive and emotional.
    • The upbringing and the environmental and cultural conditions that shaped Gen Z’s attitudes.
    • What leaders and organizations can do to help Gen Zs flourish in the workplace and gain resiliency by providing psychological safety.
  • How providing adaptable work models in terms of flexible scheduling and remote work, maintaining harmony in the workplace, and being concerned with their wellness addresses work-life balance concerns.
  • Misconceptions about Gen Z’s attitudes about retirement and the motivation behind Gen Z’s proactive approach to retirement.
  • Effective ways to recruit Gen Z by making the application process more streamlined and the hiring process aligned with their life purpose.
  • Methods to retain Gen Z by focusing on their passion and purpose and helping them pave the path towards those goals through the work they do.
  • The cynicism Gen Z feels as it relates to the economy and the housing market.
  • Creating a safe environment for Gen Z to become more social and alleviate social anxiety.
  • Addressing toxic workplace environments.


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Audience Comments

  • “The information was great. She spoke about issues that I am dealing with right now and gave me good suggestions on how to solve my issues.”
  • “Brenda D was by far the best speaker I have listened to on JCH webinars. Please have her do more. She speaks from authentic knowledge w/tangible tools and info (vs monotone, PowerPoint-dependent speakers out there). Excellent job.”
  • “I have to say this was the most interesting and helpful webinar I have attended in a long time. Brenda was amazing and kept my attention. I wanted to learn more. This is a topic that I am very interested in and have researched a lot. I wish we could make this a mandatory webinar for supervisors. Thank you for providing this webinar.”
  • “This was a very good webinar. It is very useful to me both in my job and in my life. It would be an excellent webinar for my supervisors. Thank you.”
  • “This had great insight. I would love more expanded information on how the generations can work better together and understand each other coming from Gen X understanding Gen Z and vice versa. thanks for the information it will be very helpful.”
  • “Brenda Dietzman’s webinars are always fantastic! I never want them to end!”
  • “The impact that Generation X has had on Generation Z, specifically because we raised many of them. I found the various “action items” very helpful.”
  • “The webinar was great. I loved hearing the various approaches and insights to foster better employee relations based on generational differences/wants/needs. I feel I am walking away with some very actionable items. Much gratitude to Brenda and Justice Clearinghouse for this awesome webinar!!”


This webinar will be considered by the American Jail Association to equal one online learning hour toward certification and recertification for the following programs: Certified Jail Officer, Certified Jail Supervisor and Certified Jail Manager. For more information about AJA certification programs, visit



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