Ask Me Anything: About Dealing with Challenging Staff Members

Ask Me Anything: About Dealing with Challenging Staff Members
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2022-03-17
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This session is a supplement to the Dealing With Challenging Staff Members webinar. This time around, Ed Sherman will be answering the many questions webinar participants have sent in related to the topic.

Ed Sherman has worked in the public safety field for over 40 years as a law enforcement officer, firefighter, and paramedic. He is currently an organizational consultant, executive coach, and leadership development specialist who provides assessment, training, team building, and process improvement facilitation for organizations, their staff, and leadership.

Ed provided a recap of the Dealing With Challenging Staff Members webinar:

  • The Leader’s Dilemma of supporting either the interests of the organization or the employees and the art of balancing both.
  • Steps to address the leader’s dilemma by…
    • Creating a workplace culture where employees can safely communicate their ideas and issues.
    • Leaders proactively conveying concern and offering assistance to employees.
    • Ensuring that resources to address employees’ concerns are made available ahead of time.
    • Doing periodic check-ins particularly with employees that do not proactively raise their concerns.
    • Clarifying work expectations during hiring and movements and providing ongoing feedback.
  • How insufficient training and dislike of conflict make leaders abhor dealing with challenging staff members.
  • The steps to better manage challenging staff members.
    • Gathering important information to get a better understanding of the situation.
    • Seeking first to understand the employee’s general perspective about the situation.
    • Obtaining voluntary compliance from employees and seeking their help to identify solutions.
    • Recognize which people are willing to help and cooperate and those that are not.
    • Reviewing options for resolution with a group that can provide different ideas and perspectives.
    • Providing a performance improvement plan for the employee to address the challenges.

Points covered during the Ask Me Anything segment are about:

  • Initiating a conversation and dealing with a subordinate who challenges tasks and rallies people to back them up.
  • Communicating to an employee that the career might not be a good fit for them by approaching it from the standpoint of their well-being and providing support and resources on how they can improve.
  • Building rapport, winning people over, and how to have difficult conversations.
  • Setting employees, whose skillsets and strengths may not be the perfect match to the role that they have, up for success.
  • Tools to improve writing, spelling, and grammar skills.
  • Addressing toxic behaviors like gossiping by ensuring that the organizational culture does not tolerate these and eliciting employees to express their needs which may inadvertently lead to these issues.
  • Relieving and mediating palpable tension between two individuals in the workplace.
  • Helping individuals be aware and understand how their roles, conduct, and decisions can influence and affect workforce dynamics and the organization’s overall direction.
  • Getting leaders to acknowledge the value of a multidisciplinary advisory team to ensure everyone’s concerns and perspectives are accounted for in decision making.
  • The value of focusing on ourselves instead of trying to change others’ perspectives and dispositions.
  • Effectively supervising people who are older, more tenured, and more experienced.



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Audience Comments:

  • “Excellent Topic today Excellent Presenter…and wow..this could be one topic that could be extended!! Thank You – this just rocked and was so informative!!” — ChristineAnne
  • “I learned that I am dealing with my employee appropriately and am going to implement several of Ed’s suggestions in the future in hopes things will continue to improve.” — Catherine
  • “I’m not alone and appear to be a lot of difficult employees.” — Ted
  • “It was interesting to know that so many people go through the same or similar issues as it pertains to dealing with challenging individuals in the workplace. Also great suggestions on how to be effective in managing the behaviors.” — Patti
  • “I enjoy learning about the real-life experiences of fellow supervisors and hear your recommendations.” — Rhonda
  • “Ed’s Q & A was very helpful. I’d love to hear more.” — Sunni
  • “Conflict is hard! I learned some out of the box ways to approach particular situations.” — Lauren
  • “Learning that others have same challenges, across the numerous fields participating in the webinar. And while I was familiar with much of the material/approaches, it’s good to have a review/reinforcement that this is what is recommended.” — Lisa
  • “The most important thing that i learned today is that we are handling our difficult employee correctly at this time. I now have another step to take, asking what they are looking for from us and our agency!” — Lisa
  • “Listening to the questions related to other people’s experiences dealing with challenging employees. Some that I identified with and appreciate Dr. Sherman’s responses.” — Jodie
  • “The information presented was very valuable and the presenter was quite knowledgeable on the topic. I must admit that just hearing questions from others was quite valuable too. It is great to know that the struggles that one is experiencing others may share. Thank you for this webinar. Many more are needed on this topic.” — Wendy
  • “I loved the approaches that Dr. Sherman discussed in how to deal with toxic/difficult people. He’s right it takes a while to win them over if that happens, which ultimately is a lot of the downfall for others…their impatience in correctly dealing with the situation.” — Monica
  • “EXCELLENT instructor with all great suggestions for all those uncomfortable meetings and performance reviews!”  — Roseann
  • “Any information pertaining to dealing with difficult employees is VALUABLE!! Especially getting someone else’s perspective as they may present something I haven’t thought of, or get me to see the situation from a different perspective!!! LOVE LEARNING!!!” — Wendy
  • “Dr. Sherman’s experience in dealing with the issues. A dynamic speaker with loads of experience. He did not oversell.” — Art



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