Ask Me Anything: Elder Abuse Prosecutions & Investigations

Ask Me Anything: Elder Abuse Prosecutions & Investigations
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded March 27, 2018
Unit 1Recording: Ask Me Anything: Elder Abuse Prosecutions & Investigations

Whether you’re a seasoned justice professional or new to the field, everyone needs a sage resource they can turn to for advice on niche topics – and elder abuse can certainly be one of those challenging topics.

Join us as we host our first “Ask Me Anything” with national elder abuse expert and Deputy District Attorney for San Diego County, Paul Greenwood.

Paul will be taking your questions about the challenges in prosecuting or investigating elder abuse cases, addressing the challenges of elderly witnesses, distinguishing between natural causes and abuse, building collaborative investigative approaches, creating multi-disciplinary teams, and other special topics like working with coroners, probate courts, and guardianship as they relate to elder abuse.

Be prepared for an engaging, dynamic discussion and to get answers to your burning questions!


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