Angela Aufmuth

Angela Aufmuth joined the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) in 1999 and is currently the Executive Director of Analytical Programs in the Analytical Services Division.  She is responsible for the oversight of the Missing Child & Data Analytics Team (MCDAT) and the Sex Offender Tracking Team (SOTT).  MCDAT provides support for cases involving missing and unidentified children and attempted abductions of children, leveraging all available tools, technology, and data sources.  When SOTT was created in 2006 to support law enforcement efforts to locate noncompliant sex offenders by providing comprehensive analytical support, she was its first and only analyst.

Angela Aufmuth has participated in and made presentations at numerous law enforcement investigative training programs across the U.S. She has also provided extensive technical assistance to law enforcement both domestically and internationally on cases of noncompliant sex offenders and child sexual exploitation, specifically Internet crimes committed against children.  Ms. Aufmuth was part of the supervisory team in the Analytical Services Division that created the Child Sex Trafficking Team, which is dedicated to supporting law enforcement agencies who are working to identify and recover children victimized through sex trafficking and successfully prosecute those individuals involved in trafficking children.  Ms. Aufmuth holds a Bachelor of Science in Family and Child Development from Virginia Tech with a concentration in Psychology.

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