Amy Durall

Amy Durall is currently a Fellow with the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC). The fellowship centers on law enforcement response to victims and law enforcement-based victim services.

Prior to joining OVC, Amy served as a Senior Project Manager with the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Her portfolio included contributions to the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative, Enhancing Law Enforcement Response to Victims, Law Enforcement-Based Victim Services, Documenting and Advancing Promising Practices in Law Enforcement Victim Support, and Research and Evaluation of Victims of Crime.

Amy has served as a Victim Services Director for two separate law enforcement agencies with both agencies receiving national recognition for victim services during her tenure. She has also served on local and national committees focused on multidisciplinary and collaborative responses to victims. To augment this direct practice experience, Amy founded Integrity Institute LLC to advance the prioritized focus on the rights, responses, and resources for individuals impacted by crime and crisis circumstances. She has served as a consultant on projects aimed at criminal justice system intersections and enhanced victim response and as a key member of assessment teams for law enforcement agencies exploring response to violent crime and engagement of crime victims with the justice system.

Amy has enjoyed over 35 years of social service experience with a variety of populations including youths and adults with developmental, emotional, and cognitive disorders, adults with mental health disorders, incarcerated adults, protective services for children and adults, and those who have experienced physical violence, sexual violence, criminal victimization, and crisis circumstances. Amy holds a master’s degree in psychology and was accepted into the Psi Chi Honor Society. She has received specialized certification in the instruction of Victimology, Grantsmanship Essentials, and Crisis Intervention Training and routinely provides consultation and training to law enforcement personnel, community service organizations, and allied partners of multiple disciplines. You can learn more about Amy and her work at the Integrity Institute.

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