AMA: Maintaining Resilience

AMA: Maintaining Resilience
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2020-05-07
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Ask Me Anything, Maintaining Resilience
Unit 2 Transcript: Ask Me Anything, Maintaining Resilience
Unit 3 Recording: Ask Me Anything, Maintaining Resilience

The Doctor is IN. Join us for the finale of this thought-provoking series about Resiliency, Leadership and the Challenging time we’re living through.

Dr. Kimberly Miller will be answering questions that have been asked from her previous webinars on resiliency, and leadership and taking new questions live. We will explore how to improve your coping, manage stress, deal with unexpected, and build a resilient mindset. Come with your questions and get ready to build a stronger bounce back.



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Audience Comments

  • Really good, real world issues and very specific ways to address them. — Amy
  • Tips for dealing with fatigue, stressors, etc. I felt like these were easy-to-do, practical tips and valuable information. — Abby
  • As support service providers in our community during this time of the pandemic – we all need reminders of seeing the “glass as half full” and how to perceive our societal challenges at this time in a positive light. — WENDY
  • Everyone over the age of 12 should listen to Dr. Miller’s Webinars regarding GRIT and resilience. Thank you. — Bridgette
  • Great program and speaker, thanks so much! — Cindy
  • Good presenter and feedback on individual questions. — Derrick
  • Every subject brought up was valuable. I would certainly watch it again. thank you! — FRANCISCA
  • It was interesting as so much of the material hit home on what is going on in our world right now. As a full-time working mom, currently working from home due to all while her husband goes in and I school our three children and care for all else…it has been a tough time. So many points hit on how it has affected so many people in all walks of life. I found it very interesting. — judith
  • I really appreciated all the different suggestions and ideas on how to remain resilient, especially during this hectic time with COVID19. — Karen
  • Terrific webinar today! Dr. Miller’s comments and views were so helpful. More please!! Thank you! 🙂 — Kathy



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