Alejandro Palacios

Alejandro Palacios is NOVA’s Victim Advocacy Training Manager.

Formerly a victim advocate at the Office of Victim Services at the Arizona Department of  Corrections, Alejandro was the lead advocate of the Victim Offender Dialogue Program.  Alejandro facilitated victim initiated, victim centered and victim driven dialogues within victims/survivors and their offenders. Also, during his tenure he educated victims on their victims’ rights; as well, as assisted them to exercise them.  Such as being heard during criminal justice proceedings, in particular to provide impact statements and  oppose parole of inmates during clemency hearings. Furthermore, Alejandro has worked as a  technology safety specialist with the National Network to End Domestic Violence. Providing technical  assistance and training on assessing and safety planning around abuse by means of technology.  Alejandro also was a trainer with the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence from 2013- 2016. Prior to becoming a trainer, Alejandro provided lay legal advocacy services to victims of domestic  and sexual violence at the domestic violence shelter where his work in advocacy started back in 2010 as  a volunteer in Phoenix, Arizona


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