After the Webinar: The Five Best Ways to Manage Talent. Q&A with Jonni Redick

Webinar presenter Jonni Redick answered a number of your questions after her webinar, The Five Best Ways to Manage Talent. Here are just a few of her responses.


Audience Question: You mentioned a book, the author was Valentine, what’s the title of that book? 

Jonni Reddick: I just put the slide up, it’s Human Resource Management and it was research I’m doing for a class and I tell you that I keep it like a bible for me. It’s tabbed, it’s highlighted, and I use it quite often. It really is just a pretty awesome book.


Audience Question: How can we measure progress in soft skills like leadership and emotional intelligence to evaluate whether a training has been effective? 

Jonni Reddick: I know you have a lot of researchers that have been in your webinars. One, I would recommend those. I know Dr. Obed Magny does one. I think you have a few others that focus on emotional intelligence specifically. Those soft skills are really behavioral. If we don’t take time to even be able to have a baseline of what an employee is like, what they could be afterward. And we have those check-ins with them, have those opportunities for observation of them when they’re just interacting may be out in the field. To me, that’s where the real rub is. Sometimes when we do training, is we give them training, and then the supervisors and managers never check in to really see if anything that anybody has just received is working on development versus they got training and they got a new skill that they’re aware of and how do they develop it and how they actually practice it. I’m sure there’s a metric, there’s a metric for everything. But for you as a leader or a supervisor, it’s really going to be behavioral for you too. It’s how you’re going to again, observe, monitor, and check in with your employees after they receive the training and make sure that the development part is occurring.


Audience Question: During that promotion board, if questions are asked about previous negative evaluations, how should we best handle that?  

Jonni Reddick: You can’t hide them. You can’t hide the fact that something negative might be on your evaluations and move forward. But I would tell you, first of all, to come to terms with whatever it is. This was told to me long ago, and it actually matters, is that I can’t have any sour grapes about whatever happens to be on my evaluation. I can’t go in there and start feeling like I got to defend it, or I am actually going to criticize the person that made the comment. I got to figure out where in that particular rating was that I could have done something better. I could have improved. Or how can I talk about it in a way that doesn’t demonize the person who wrote it but show that I acknowledge it as an area that I have worked on and these are the things I’ve done? This is how that affected me moving forward in my leadership growth and that area of knowledge. So, you want to create this positive space because when I’m looking at leadership, who’s coming on in promotional boards, I know that there’s bias in performance appraisals. I know that there are personality conflicts that are in those appraisal processes. It happened to me. But if you’re moving forward with that, then I’m looking to see how you’re solving problems. How you’re coming forward with your communication skills to be able to navigate to show where you were, to where you are, to where I see the potential of where you’re going.


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