After the Webinar: Out of the Box Ideas for Community Engagement. Q&A with the Panelists

Webinar Presenters Sarah Boyd, Kate Kimble, Det. Mindy Earle, Officer Alex Saragusa, and Capt. Jake Becchina answered a number of your questions after their presentation,  Out of the Box Ideas for Community Engagement. Here are just a few of their responses.


Audience Question: We’ve done some pop-up events, and the turnout was very low even when we pushed it out on social media. I want to lay this out for the entire group. Do you have any ideas on how we can get more people interested in engaging at these pop-up events? 

Sarah Boyd: Well, I want to go back to what I said earlier, which was to be part of something that people are going to be at anyway and build from there. Whether that’s something that your parks and rec is doing, or a school, or something like that, start there. Second is, and Kate mentioned this, food, free food, it gets people a lot.

And yeah, go with it, better to ask forgiveness and permission from the Health Department, hopefully, yours isn’t as vigilant as ours. But free food and being where people already are, I think, is a good step, but if anybody else wants to chime in here, I’m happy to have them.

Kate Kimble: I would just echo what Sarah said. You know sometimes when you plan an event and you’re hoping people will show up, your hopes will be dashed. So if you have a core audience, you can invite, that’s great. But really go to people, make it easy for them to engage with you.

Capt. Jake Becchina: The only other thing I would add, is, obviously a robust following on multiple social media channels would help to get the word out about that. Obviously, it grows organically, and neighborhood associations and things like that. But the more channels you can get on, the better. From an advertisement standpoint.

Alex Saragusa: Make sure that you also attend other community local events. If churches have some kind of barbecue or something in their parking lot one evening, or a school has some after-school event or something. If you start showing up to their events. And it’s kind of reciprocated back to you. It helps kind of build that report and that trust.


Click Here to Watch a Recording of Out of the Box Ideas for Community Engagement. 

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