After the Webinar: Offender Profiling and Serial Sexual Offenses. Q&A with Dr. C. Gabrielle Salfati

Webinar presenter Dr. Gabrielle Salfati answered a number of your questions after her presentation, Offender Profiling and Serial Sexual Offences: The Latest Science. Here are just a few of her responses.


Audience Question: How common is it for a serial offender to target adults, and then children, or vice versa? 

Dr. Gabrielle Salfati: You know, this is an excellent question. And interestingly enough, you have just identified what our next current project is that we’re looking at, and those are what we call crossover offenders. So, there are some offenders who specialize in children, and they will only target children. Then, you have those offenders who will target, who repeatedly against the same children. Then, you have those offenders, if you will target only adults and each one is a one-off offense, particularly in sex offending this happens. And then you have that third group, who are offenders, who target both children over and over again, and then one-off time, adults. That same group right there is pretty much, even though we’re now looking at a different type of crime in terms of serial sex offending. That group is the same thing as the mixed victim group in the sex workers. So, now we’re seeing a consistency between these styles that offenders engage in. And now how often does that happen? It depends on how you kind of define how often it is 1 of 3 major groups of offending that we see in sex offending and that there is this crossover group. And again, this group is the most difficult one to investigate, because they are the ones who are the least consistent in the type of victim, and the type of behaviors they engage in. Our role is to find out what it is that they do across these different victim groups that remain the same which allows us to link them and then identify what type of offender that is. So, watch this space. That is coming next.


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