Addressing Organized Retail Crime with Specialized Police Technology

Addressing Organized Retail Crime with Specialized Police Technology
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2022-09-07
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 Organized Retail Crime (ORC) not only impacts the businesses whose merchandise are stolen, but it also increases the costs to customers as businesses try to offset the losses or worse, businesses closing down completely. It also endangers the employees and the shoppers who come face to face with these criminals, and the community at large as its proceeds are used to fund other criminal activities.

In this session, Travis Martinez shares how their agency leverages tech innovations to keep the communities they serve safe. Travis is the Deputy Chief of Police with the Redlands Police Department (RPD) and spearheaded tech-driven initiatives to apprehend ORC and other criminal activities.

Points he discussed in this webinar include:

  • A backgrounder on Redlands, California, and its problem with ORC.
  • The different ways that ORC impacted the Redlands community and the three key technology the RPD decided to leverage in response to the issue.
  • A glimpse into challenges and constraints that the RPD experienced which drove them to choose GPS tracking as the tech to capitalize on in their efforts to address ORC.
  • Requirements, specifications, and settings to look for and must be configurable in an effective GPS technology provider.
  • How the GPS trackers are embedded in products and objects and how it works through geo-fencing to alert LE about the burglary or robbery.
  • The While You’re Away program that provides tourists with peace of mind during their vacation in Redlands by having RPD issue them with a laptop with an embedded tracker for free.
  • Statistics from the 2013 Command College Project that demonstrated the impact of implementing the GPS tracking technology on the number of arrests and burglary incidents.
  • How budget prevented Redlands from implementing Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPRs) initially.
  • Finding a technology provider that addresses the challenges of the agency in terms of public safety and appeases the community’s concerns with privacy.
  • The required specifications and capabilities that the RPD looked for in an ALPR system.
  • The community-based approach that the RPD took to ensure that the public’s questions are answered and consequentially, buy-in is secured.
  • Where the cameras were mounted and their uses for the RPD.
  • Examples were provided demonstrating…
    • The value of GPS in tracking the bad guys in the pivotal LA Fitness vehicle burglaries.
    • How GPS tracking facilitated the apprehension of repeat ORC offenders.
    • How ALPRs helped identify vehicles involved in ORC and link up incidents.
    • The power of GPS and ALPR when used together to hold groups accountable for multiple ORC incidents within Redlands and neighboring jurisdictions.
  • A rundown of the various potential funding sources agencies can tap into to obtain GPS and ALPR technology in their battle against ORC.
  • How LeadsOnline can level up the investigative capability further by tracking individuals as well as associates involved in ORC.

Points raised during the Q&A are about:

  • The name of the GPS tracking device used in Redlands and its costs.
  • Why Apple air tags aren’t as effective in LE-related GPS tracking.
  • The urgency of tracking the stolen products.
  • Using criminal intelligence to enhance and coordinate investigations.
  • Interference with GPS technology due to signal jammers or metal casings.
  • Getting business owners to participate in the GPS tracking initiatives against ORC.
  • Challenges and liability concerns for bigger companies and franchises.
  • Community concerns raised during the town hall meeting.


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Audience Comments

  • “All information was valuable due to not being aware that these kind of operations were being conducted. It’s so smart.” — Jessenia
  • “The GPS tracker info was interesting” — John
  • “Very informative regarding use of ALPRs and GPS technology. My department is currently in the process of obtaining LPRs” — Jeff
  • “This was a fantastic webinar. I live in Virginia. I would love if we would purchase some of these items. We lose millions of dollars. But, I have to say. It doesn’t help when stores like Lowes will allow thieves to just walk right out of the store with whatever they want. $500 drills. You name it. They know this and so they shoplift every day. I know. I used to work there. It made me so mad. I knew exactly what these people were doing.” — Faye
  • “Very informative regarding use of ALPRs and GPS technology. My department is currently in the process of obtaining LPRs” — Jeff
  • “I felt that the information regarding the tech, specifically the cost, and the case examples of how it has worked were really beneficial. I would love to see something offered on how community supervision officers can work with police on ORC.” — Katharine
  • “I have done cases with retailers based on the topics discussed and found it extremely accurate. I had not thought of using the GPS trackers in as many ways which opened my eyes to more options. Great seminar.” — Robert
  • “The case study information provided by Travis Martinez was very helpful in illustrating ways the technology can be used.” — Cynthia


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