Adapting to Critical Change at Corrections Facilities

Adapting to Critical Change at Corrections Facilities
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2020-11-03
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Adapting to Critical Change at Corrections Facilities
Unit 2 Transcript: Adapting to Critical Change at Corrections Facilities
Unit 3 Workbook: Adapting to Critical Change at Corrections Facilities
Unit 4 Recording: Adapting to Critical Change at Corrections Facilities

The COVID-19 pandemic truly changed how we live our lives. We were all forced to tweak how we do our daily transactions. It is even more stringent when it comes to organizations whose regular operations are disrupted by the pandemic and must quickly roll out safety measures to ensure that transmissions are prevented. In the corrections setting where individuals are coming in and out and interacting every day, they must adapt quickly to ensure the safety of everyone within the facility’s walls – and what best way to do this than through technology.

This session’s speakers are Chris Williams and Joe Alexander from DXC Technology. Chris is a Senior Business Development Manager for DXC Technology with a criminal justice background. He’s been working in the IT space, handling public sector clients. Meanwhile, Joe is a Solution Consultant with more than a decade’s worth of experience providing technology solutions for justice and public safety agencies.

Specifics of the webinar were about:

  • The drivers of change in the justice and public safety arena particularly in legislation, compliance, and legal exposure, and the changes in technology alongside these.
  • The key challenges that organizations currently face in terms of data volume and workforce mobility.
  • How technology is being leveraged to provide organizational needs through ever-current software that allows customization based on specific needs.
  • A brief overview of the Microsoft Power Platform and the modules comprising it – how these are integrated to provide robust and efficient solutions for organizations that are future-ready.
  • A live demonstration of the DXC Symptom Checker and Pandemic Tracker which illustrates:
    • The Microsoft Power Platform technology used for the development of the apps in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • How the System Checker app can be accessed by individuals to report symptoms and receive the next steps based on reported symptoms.
    • The backend Dynamics system that allows case management of the individuals who self-reported through the System Checker app.
    • How the Pandemic Tracker dashboard provides data visualizations to easily understand incidents and trends to make actionable plans from.
    • How the Pandemic Tracker to conduct contact tracing and manage cases’ status from reporting of symptoms to quarantining to back to work.
  • DXC Technology’s history, reputation, performance, and solution for the justice and public safety field.
  • What your organization can do to leverage DXC Technology and Microsoft Power Platform to manage the next critical change efficiently.



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Audience Comments

  • “Great presentation on, Adapting to Critical Change at Corrections Facilities”  — Tangela
  • “Very informative.” — Robert
  • “Discussion about the challenges with managing change, the need to have better systems to track COVID-19 infections.” — Maria C.
  • “Tech that is available to help deal with COVID pandemic and a platform to start with.” — Jimmy
  • “Great info and lots of it.” — Beverly


DXC Offender360™ is built on Microsoft’s platform, and caters to state and local justice and public safety agencies. This feature-rich software solution is designed for jail management, also including modules to support pretrial and community corrections. Always current, Offender360 modernizes jail management and delivers flexible configurability within a turnkey software solution, adaptable to unique operational processes. It delivers system-driven automated workflow, alerts, mobile access, reports, dashboards and real-time data analytics. Offender360 effectively manages facilities and inmates.




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