Abby Potash

Abby Potash is the mother of Sam, who was kidnapped by his non-custodial father in 1997.  Sam was the 99th ADVO – ShopWise – recovery.  Abby attended the first Team HOPE training and became a volunteer for Team HOPE in 1998.  She is currently the Team HOPE Director.  Abby has been instrumental in the growth of Team HOPE and the training of over 450 volunteers.  In her capacity as Director, she has developed the training curricula, instructed and facilitated all the volunteer trainings.  She has personally assisted thousands of families in crisis, coordinates and manages the Team HOPE program, 10 Team Consultants, and the Team HOPE volunteers. Abby has been a spokesperson for missing children since her son’s recovery in 1998.  She has appeared on various TV programs, spoken at numerous conferences and ADVO/Valassis events.  Abby has presented therapeutic approaches for helping families with missing children to mental health professionals.  She has also been involved in reunifications of parentally abducted children with their left-behind parent and assists at Amber Alert Family Roundtables. Abby has received her BA from Chestnut Hill College in Human Services and her MSW degree from Bryn Mawr College.

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