A Trusted Source of Mental Health Resources

A Trusted Source of Mental Health Resources
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2022-01-25
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When faced with a critical event, an agency will not try to just handle everything on its own. It will call in every possible resource from partner agencies and even those outside their immediate jurisdiction if it means saving lives and properties, and maintaining safety, peace, and order. It should be the same way when it comes to ourselves and our physical, emotional, and mental health. We must reach out to resources when we’re in critical situations and need help, support, and encouragement from others.

This session’s instructor is Amy Morgan. Amy is the founder and CEO of Academy Hour. Academy Hour is a training provider offering courses to law enforcement first response teams and public safety personnel on mental health and leadership, as well as certification programs for first responder counselors, peer support leaders, and peer support teammates.

Specifics of Amy’s discussion include:

  • People’s tendency to keep it all in when it comes to mental health and wellness due to lack of awareness and the existing stigma with accessing appropriate resources.
  • Crisis lines: The service that they can provide, examples of the most recognized crisis lines for helping professions, reasons why people are hesitant to call crisis lines, and crisis line call-takers’ training.
  • A sample crisis line call that Illustrates what calling a crisis line looks, feels, and sounds like and what to do if you didn’t have a good first experience calling a crisis line.
  • Tips when it comes to searching for resources and narrowing down your search results based on your needs, location, and other particulars.
  • How counselors can help you and what to expect during counseling sessions particularly the first few ones.
  • The value in building rapport and fostering a relationship with your counselor.
  • Tips in finding the right counselor in the online directory of counselors who are trained to understand the nature of helping professions.
  • How support groups offer participants with support and accountability as they struggle with addiction and other forms of long-term healing.
  • Finding and joining local support groups and what a typical support group session looks like.
  • The importance of peer support teams in any organization such that its personnel have a frontline resource they can talk to who’s gone through the same things and share similar challenges.
  • Why it is vital for a peer support team to refer team members who need ongoing support to professional resources like counselors and clinicians.
  • The different facilities that patients may access to get the appropriate help based on the severity of the concern and the specialization or treatment approach needed.
  • Apps designed and organizations that cater to health and wellness.
  • Other places to go to that can offer a listening ear, provide education, assist with referrals, and provide immediate response should you face difficulties in life.
  • How awareness of available resources is crucial to be able to access support should you or someone you know encounter a crisis, traumatic incident, or any life challenge.
  • Reminding yourself of your worth and the importance of getting help and proactive guidance to better navigate our day-to-day experiences.

Topics raised during the question and answer segment are on:

  • 211 and the national suicide prevention lifeline’s operation and its intersection with a new 988 hotline.
  • Which crisis lines are recommended for a law enforcement officer to utilize.
  • The cause of the significant wait times for the crisis lines.
  • The pros and cons of teletherapy.
  • Support resources for mental health providers.
  • The importance of getting a counselor who is familiar with the nature of the profession you’re a part of.
  • The suggested frequency and purpose of catching up with your counselor.


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Audience Comments

  • “Loved it! Thank you for being such an awesome resource for professionals!” — Jeri
  • “Nice framework for organizing resources and thinking about what resource best fits a person’s needs.” — Michael
  • “All the resources!” — MICHELLE
  • “Amy Morgan is an exceptional speaker and discussed the very relevant issue on mental health and sharing her resources. It’s helpful as America (and the globe) is dealing with such hard tumultuous times lately. Thank you so much Amy and the Justice Clearinghouse!” 🙂  — Nicole
  • “It was great to hear what each resource provides and know what some barriers to connecting with them might be. As an animal welfare professional, some resources were more relevant than others. Thank you for the additional organizations to check out!” — Jaclyn
  • “WONDERFUL TRAINER!!” — Racheal



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